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Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Chives


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Japanese miso and tofu soup
This is one of my favourite soups to make. It's super-easy and you just feel like it's doing you good with each spoonful. To maintain the probiotic properties of the miso, bring it to a boil slowly and turn the heat off within 2 minutes of boiling
Gluten Free Orange and Almond Cake
I found this recipe on SBS food and immediately made it a bit healthier by cutting down on the amount of sugar it contains. It's super-moist and rich so you don't need a big piece to feel satisfied.
Chicken leek and mushroom lattice pie
This is the kind of food you can comfortably enjoy on a weight loss diet when you are fasting intermittently. It's still full of good nutrition but higher in calories than typical meals designed for a 7-day weight loss program. I like the flexibility, particularly in winter to enjoy comfort foods, like this pie, on non-fasting days and carefully restrict my intake down to 500 calories for 2 days a week.
Jacket sweet potato with nutty wombok slaw
For some cheap and cheerful scrumptious comfort, try baking sweet potatoes in their skins with nutty wombok slaw, piled over the top. We love this for lunch or dinner.
Salmon & shitake miso soup
One of my all-time favourite meals when the temperature is dropping just enough to benefit from the comfort of an immune-boosting hot broth.†

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