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Our seasonal recipe database is complete with healthy recipes for all the family. You'll soon find that healthy food is not only quick and easy to prepare but it's delicious too.

Quinoa, Amaranth, Roasted Tomato, and Red Capsicum Soup


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Salmon & shitake miso soup
One of my all-time favourite meals when the temperature is dropping just enough to benefit from the comfort of an immune-boosting hot broth.†
Grilled salmon with golden beetroot, broccoli and freekah
Here's a snap, crackle a pop meal of pure deliciousness. It's got flavour, texture and beautiful colours and tops the charts in healthiness. IT takes a bit longer to prepare that some of my meals but it's very worth it
Szechuan and turmeric kimchi
This is a recipe I created after repeatedly spending over 10 dollars for a small jar of a delicious commercial brand. It costs the same t0 make almost almost five times the amount and the process is ridiculously easy. The longer you leave it the nicer it gets.
Mackerel and Broad Bean salad with Rocket dressing
Hooray, itís broad bean season again. Seize the moment. Hereís the perfect lunch to serve on a warm spring day. Accompanied with a small basket of warmed sourdough wholegrain rolls, your guests will leave satisfied and sated for the remainder of the day.
Pea soup
Split green peas are cheap to buy and have an extremely low GI of 22. Cook them up in stock with a few veggies and spices and you have a very hearty, energy boosting soup the whole family can enjoy. Pea soup is usually cooked in with a ham bone but this can make the soup too salty. Using smoked paprika helps to replicate the flavour without diminishing the health value. Make sure to use a fresh vegetable stock, homemade or from the deli. Packet stocks are usually full of unnecessary preservatives and artificial flavours.

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