The game of real good health

A team game for groups of between 24 - 30 who like to learn and have fun

Think Snakes and Ladders, think Twister (without the contortion), The Game of Real Good health gets adults off their seats to laugh, engage and learn about what constitutes a healthy diet. Equally important the game highlights the types of behaviours which influence our health - for the better or worse.

Designer and facilitator Judy Davie, The Food Coach has been educating people about healthy food for many years and she believes, now more than ever, people need to realise that a healthy sustainable diet is easy and accessible to everyone.

Using the analogy of a healthy eating ladder, the game helps demonstrate that good health and nutrition allows people to live a full life but it does not have to take over their lives and become an obsession.

What people have said

We played "The Game of REAL Good Health" at our Sydney office in December 2017 and requested a special Christmas theme.

Our employees all had a great time playing this live and interactive snakes and ladders style game! Judy is a knowledgeable and fun facilitator, and we loved her balanced approach to healthy eating and nutrition. The game is an innovative and fun way for employees to test their knowledge on nutrition and be educated on the latest research. It is educational but also light-hearted. We are always looking for different ways to support our employees on their health and wellness journey, and this game was a perfect way to do that! Judy can customise the questions around specific themes which means you can play the game several times throughout the year without it getting stale. We plan on running more games in 2018. We highly recommend Judy (the Food Coach) and the Game of REAL good health.

Chantel Ryan Healthy Living Coordinator American Express

From the minute we met Judy we knew it was a match made in heaven! In this day and age we are constantly surrounded by continual fads, conflicting advice and information overload when it comes to food and sometimes it can be very confusing to decide what actually is the best thing to put in your mouth. Judy had an incredibly simple, achievable and realistic approach towards healthy eating which is how it should be. Judy has run multiple healthy eating workshops for Active Farmers in small farming communities and we have had great feedback. Her 'game of healthy eating' offers education in a fun and interactive way, which is followed up by a fantastic overview of her best advice to achieve a healthy relationship with food. We couldn't recommend Judy's services any higher, and just to top it off our network is in love with her book, The Greengrocers Diet.

Ginny Stevens Founder & CEO Active Farmers

The game encouraged me to think more about my food habits, so thank you, it was definitely worth spending the time. You do a great job as a facilitator and I am sure you will make a success of the game. I love the book - I've been browsing and will study it more effectively this week. It's already inspired me to get back into the green smoothies!

Chris Green Participant

The game of healthy eating workshop

An interactive workshop for groups up to 25

Using the analogy of a sporting game, the game of healthy eating examines each macronutrient food group, and helps participants distinguish between the fabulous, good and not-so- good foods and how they each help or impede body performance.

Players walk away with the skills to construct a healthy diet of their own and are armed with key strategies to improve their health immediately.

Workshop Duration: 1 1/2 hours

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