Greengrocers Diet

The Greengrocers Diet

The Greengrocer's Diet is a seasonal-based weight loss plan that was given its name because most of the produce eaten on the diet can be bought from a good greengrocer store. Fresh produce makes up the bulk of what you eat and while you'll also eat some dairy, whole grains, meat, fish and chicken, the emphasis is placed on the fresh produce because you can eat much more of it.

Compared to other food, vegetables and fruit are the lowest kilojoule, highest nutrient options around, which means you can eat lots of them and not get fat. Not only will you be able to eat more than you are accustomed to on a weight loss diet, you'll also start to feel exceedingly well. It's one of the main reasons why everyone who trialled the diet loved it so much and were happy to stick to it; they love the food and it makes them feel good.

If you have a lot of weight to lose then you must be prepared to lose it over a number of months - maybe even a few seasons. With The Greengrocer's Diet you can do that and not get bored: as the seasons change, so do the meals. In summer when it's hot you'll eat more fresh salads, while in winter when it's cold you'll eat more nourishing hot soups and casseroles. It's how we're meant to eat. It's what nature intended.

Other Books by Judy

Food Coach Recipe Book

By Judy Davie

How would you like to lose that run down feeling, to have more vitality and energy than you've ever had, to get more out of life every day? When we eat well, our bodies get all the fuel they need to run efficiently, but how often do you find yourself thinking you don't have time to eat properly?

In The Food Coach, Judy Davie teaches us how to shop and eat healthily without sacrificing flavour or losing time. This is no diet book, but you will find that when you eat properly, your body will find its healthy weight. Filled with easy and quick recipes for delicious meals and snacks, The Food Coach will change your attitude to food, the way you look and most importantly the way you feel.

Available from leading book stores or order a copy directly from fishpond.

Price $29.95 + $9.95 postage and handling

Star Foods

By Dr Joanna McMillan Price and Judy Davie

An empowering health book, Star Foods nominates 'the best of the best' across all the foods groups - the best vegetables and fruits; the best carbohydrate-rich, protein-rich, and fat-rich foods; the best drinks and even treats to include in your diet.

Star Foods aims to help you create your own healthy and winning eating team of star foods to maximise your chances of achieving and maintaining good health. Joanna's in-depth knowledge in the field of nutritional science and Judy's practical ability to create quick, easy and healthy food makes a dynamic combination.

Price $35.00 + $9.95 postage and handling

To buy, visit the ABC shop.

Read the Label

Author: Judy Davie

This book will change the way you shop
Shopping for dinner has never been so confusing. The shelves are stacked with a dazzling array of products and more and more of them claim to benefit our health in some way. We know that these claims are more about creating commercial opportunities for manufacturers than making us healthier but it is still easy to be swayed. Read the label is an easy to understand guide to food labelling that decodes the spin of marketing speak and tells you exactly how to interpret the competing facts and figures.

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