Market Fresh Report Week Ending 14th August

Information Courtesy of Sue Dodd, Sydney Markets

Winter is the peak time to make the most of the rich nutty flavour of Hass avocados as the quality and price are superb
Fresh blueberries are loaded with health-boosting antioxidants and now at your local greengrocer. Did you know that purples foods like blueberries can protect your brain health?
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As the weather warms up, we should start seeing more rockmelons come to market. Sweet eating and aromatic small, Queensland rockmelons are terrific value
The longer and slightly warmer days are yielding a slight increase in the volume of zucchini, and that means prices have come back
Brussels sprouts
Nutritious Brussels sprouts are full of goodness, and the quality is superb
Globe artichokes are a striking vegetable with a unique and subtle flavour. Early supplies of artichokes are from Victoria and growers in the Sydney basin
Aromatic and flavoursome Queensland strawberries are a good source of fibre.
Blood oranges
Vibrant and juicy, ruby-fleshed blood oranges radiate goodness. Blood oranges are smallish in size and especially sweet
Pineapples are worth picking up this week. Choose firm fruit which feels heavy for its size. Pineapple does not ripen after harvesting. A pleasing perfumed aroma indicates a good flavour.
In winter, roast, pan-fry or braise mild aniseed-flavoured fennel. Select plump fennel bulbs with fresh-looking feathery fronds attached. Refrigerate in the crisper section. Use within five days. Fennel goes with tomatoes, eggplant, olives, citrus, onion, cheese, potatoes, lamb, pork, chicken, seafood, cream, grapes, plums, apples, ham, pears, pasta and gnocchi
Mushrooms are packed with flavour and nutrients and ideal for adding to soups, casseroles, pasta dishes, meatloaf or spaghetti bolognaise
Jerusalem artichokes
Jerusalem artichokes have an interesting nutty flavour and a texture similar to a potato. The tubers are ideal for soups and winter salads; they are also tasty roasted. Choose firm, smooth even-sized artichokes which are free of soft spots. Scrub well or peel before cooking.
Crunchy into a late-season Fuji and Pink Lady Royal Gala, Delicious, Granny Smith, or Golden Delicious apples
Why not try...
Sweet and juicy Honey Murcott mandarins and plump large segmented tangelos are both superb eating and a thrifty buy
Brussels sprouts
Nutritious Brussels sprouts are a value buy this week. Add a kilo to your shopping list
Asian Greens
Quality Asian greens add flavour and a delightful crunch to stir-fries. Bok choy and pak choy (also known as baby bok choy and Shanghai bok choy) are mild flavoured, fast to cook and good value
Cauliflowers are bursting with goodness. Roast a tray of spiced cauliflower to serve with a tahini yoghurt dressing or warm up with a creamy style cauliflower and leek soup.
Orange sweet potato, also known as kumara, is delicious. Serve mashed, roasted or add to curry

Seasonal Recipes - Winter

Warm winter lentil and Romanesco salad
Serve it warm and a salad becomes appealing in winter. Especially when it's as nourishing and delicious as this one. If you haven't tried Romanesco you are in for a treat. Save time and roast the whole head, and use half to make this salad and the other half as a vegetable side dish. Once tasted, I promise you'll be hooked!

Japanese miso and tofu soup
This is one of my favourite soups to make. It's super-easy and you just feel like it's doing you good with each spoonful. To maintain the probiotic properties of the miso, bring it to a boil slowly and turn the heat off within 2 minutes of boiling

Gluten Free Orange and Almond Cake
I found this recipe on SBS food and immediately made it a bit healthier by cutting down on the amount of sugar it contains. It's super-moist and rich so you don't need a big piece to feel satisfied.

Chicken leek and mushroom lattice pie
This is the kind of food you can comfortably enjoy on a weight loss diet when you are fasting intermittently. It's still full of good nutrition but higher in calories than typical meals designed for a 7-day weight loss program. I like the flexibility, particularly in winter to enjoy comfort foods, like this pie, on non-fasting days and carefully restrict my intake down to 500 calories for 2 days a week.

Jacket sweet potato with nutty wombok slaw
For some cheap and cheerful scrumptious comfort, try baking sweet potatoes in their skins with nutty wombok slaw, piled over the top. We love this for lunch or dinner.

Szechuan and turmeric kimchi
This is a recipe I created after repeatedly spending over 10 dollars for a small jar of a delicious commercial brand. It costs the same t0 make almost almost five times the amount and the process is ridiculously easy. The longer you leave it the nicer it gets.

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