Market Fresh Report - Week Ending 6th June

information courtesy of Sue Dodd - Sydney Markets

Delicious served cooked or raw, fennel teams deliciously with cheese, tomato, orange, ham, lemon, seafood, garlic, chicken stock, pasta, Pernod, cream, olive oil or lamb. Try pan-frying slices of baby fennel in oil and garlic until tender. Toss cooked fennel through cooked spaghetti with chopped fronds and toasted pine nuts with grape tomatoes
Pumpkin is an inexpensive vegetable that is versatile and nutritious. Toss together, steam diced pumpkin, with baby spinach leaves with a sesame oil and mirin, soy and lemon dressing or whip up a pot of creamy pumpkin soup. Choose from Jap and grey skinned Jarrahdale pumpkins.
Orange fleshed sweet potato, also known as kumara good value. Delicious mashed, diced and roasted or baked in peeled chunks kumara has a pleasant sweet flavour
Economical and healthy leafy kale is a popular choice. Use raw in salads or juices or add to a frittata which is delicious served hot or cold.
Asian Greens
Stir-fries are packed with fresh produce and fast to cook, making them are the ideal meal for busy people. For a quick and easy meal; toss a medley of Asian leafy greens such as bok choy and choy sum with marinated beef or chicken.
Creamy and delicious Cavendish bananas are nourishing and satisfying. Serve banana smoothies to kids as an after school refreshing energy-packed drink, add banana slices to you’re a bowl of your favourite breakfast cereal, or top a toasted English muffin with fresh ricotta banana slices and a drizzle of honey.
Scoop up a kiwifruit and enjoy this fabulous source of vitamin C. Purchase firm kiwifruit and allow to ripen at room temperature until slightly soft.
Why not try...
Select glossy Imperial mandarins that feel heavy for its size as this indicates good juice content. In peak season from April to July, Imperial mandarins are virtually seedless and are very easy to peel
Warm-up your winter cooking with feisty chillies. Freshly harvested from Bundaberg and Bowen, chillies are plentiful. The mild long red chillies are ideal for adding a gentle kick or if you want to spice it up try the green Jalapeño variety.
Chilly days call for bowls or mugs of soul warming soups, rich in flavour and high in nutritional value. When caramelized, leeks add a delightful sweetness and depth of flavour. Leeks teams superbly with cauliflower, celeriac, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and tomato.
With their rich purple-red colour and delicate, almost sweet flavour, beetroot provide stunning colour for winter meals. Beetroot are in heaviest supply from May to November. With their rich purple-red colour and delicate, almost sweet flavour, beetroot provide stunning colour for winter meals.
Swiss chard
Vibrant rainbow chard also known as Swiss Chard is now in season. Similar to siverbeet, this leafy green veggie is a show stopper with its vibrant coloured stems. Sold in bunches the stems can vary in shades of yellow, orange or pink. Use leaves and stems separately or in combination. Add to soups, stir-fries, and lentil, rice and couscous dishes.
Parsnips are delicious roasted and add a unique sweetness to soups and casseroles or try cooking in milk and pureeing with a dollop of cream, season and serve with steak, chicken or fish.
Hass avocados have a butter-like texture and rich nutty flavour. Winter is the peak time, to make the most of avocados as the quality and price.
Traditionally limes are not plentiful in winter and tend to be more expensive than lemons. However, due to an extra mild autumn we are now seeing a good supply of limes harvested in Queensland. That’s great news for shoppers as both lemons and limes are now great value.
Broccoli supplies are coming from NSW, Victoria and Queensland, and most of the growing areas are experiencing extra cold overnight temperatures, this slows up the growing time and turns broccoli heads purple. Prices are up this week are supplies are reduced.
Brussels sprouts
Premium quality Brussels sprouts are a top buy. Select Brussels sprouts that are a similar size to ensure that all Brussels sprouts cook in the same amount of time.
Winter is the ideal time to make the most of fresh herbs. Enjoy sage with fish, pork, duck, cheese, breads, potato, pumpkin, peas, leeks, veal, chicken and mushroom. Thyme is enjoyable teamed with chicken, stock, lemons, parsnip, potatoes, zucchini, squash and sausages
Purchasing carrots in a kilo bag is thrifty and convenient. Carrots add a lovely sweetness to soups, casseroles, try them pureed or mashed, roasted or steamed
Ruby red rhubarb has a distinct tangy flavour that teams superbly with apples, nashi, pears, cinnamon, lemon rind, ginger or cream to make warming winter desserts.
Flavoursome with a firm crunchy texture, Crimson seedless grapes delicious sweet.

Seasonal Recipes - Winter

Grilled Spatchcock with a salad of beetroot, orange, watercress & baby herbs
Recipe courtesy of Game Farm.

Quinoa, Pistachio and Rose Petal Salad
Combining these ingredients together feels more like art than cooking, but then again cooking is an art in itself. Gluten intolerants will also enjoy this pretty salad that is delicious served with grilled lamb, chicken or haloumi and vegetable kebabs.

Quince frangipani tart
This tart is a bit of a labour of love. The tip to it (I think) is to bake more quince than you need for one meal (and have it for breakfast too) and then after you've had enough of it, turn what's left of it into this delicious tart. You'll about 1 cup of baked quince.

Sweet Potato and Lentil Burgers
The kids will like this one! It is not too spicy and looks a treat with all the salad ingredients around it. It's easy, but takes some time to cook so you have to plan to be around for a few hours in the day. Consequently I've made the recipe for large quantities - to freeze and pull out again when you are short of time.

Fennel, Chilli, Garlic & Pumpkin Pasta
The chilli & garlic in this pasta dish provide a lovely warming quality for the cooler nights of autumn and winter however this recipe also tastes nice cold during Summer and Spring. If you like spice simply add more chilli...The most important thing to remember?....Always use good quality pasta and parmesan!

Vegan Veggie Pie
There’s something so fulfilling about making a pie from scratch and so satisfying to sit down to eat. This rustic pie takes a little time but is very easy and enjoyable to make – particularly when it’s designed to look imperfect! The true perfectionists may want to make their own lentils, but canned work just as well and remove a step from this labour of love.

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