Marketfresh Report - Week Ending 26th May

Information Courtesy of Sue Dodd, Sydney Markets

Why not try...
Packed with vitamin C, easy to peel and super juicy, new season Imperial, Afourer and Satsuma mandarins are delicious eating and great value. When it comes to cooking apples, Granny Smith is an Aussie favourite, with its gloss green skin and tart white flesh that sweetens on maturity.
When it comes to cooking apples, Granny Smith is an Aussie favourite, with its gloss green skin and tart white flesh that sweetens on maturity.
Sweet persimmons
Sweet persimmons (also sold as Fuyu, their variety name) are at their peak for quality and value this week.
When the temperature drops, creamy vegetable soups come to the fore, and root vegetables like celeriac are perfect for making nourishing soups, like this leek, celeriac, and chicken soup. Celeriac has a mild celery flavour and is ideal for adding diced to casseroles, stews, or boiling and mash
Iceberg Lettuce
Crisp Iceberg lettuces are well priced. They're perfect for making lettuce cups to serve with San Choy Bau or Vietnamese chilli chicken salad.
Take advantage of having chestnuts on hand, ready to enjoy. Now is the time to snap freeze-cooked chestnuts; roast a kilo or two before the season finishes. Cut a shallow cross through the flat side of each chestnut and roast on a tray at 200C for 30 minutes; cool slightly that peel while still warm
Fragrant golden-skinned quince has a musky flavour, and there is something quite alluring about how their pale flesh transforms from a soft pink to a rich claret colour on long, slow poaching or roasting. Roasting quince with honey, maple syrup, olive oil, and spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom brings out its natural sweetness and makes a tasty side dish for roasted meats.
Firm Hass and Shepard avocados can take 2-5 days to fully ripen at room temperature. The fruit will yield to gentle pressure at the stem end when it's ready to eat. A creamy avocado is the perfect topper for a baked jacket potato with nachos.
Fennel's crisp texture and delicate aniseed flavour make it a delicious addition to casseroles. It is also a tasty addition to salads and soups; the fine fronds can be snipped and used to flavour or garnish chicken and fish dishes
Cauliflower has health benefits for your bones, brain, gut, heart and immunity.
Kumara, or orange sweet potato, is delicious and ideal for roasting or mashing. Roast chopped orange sweet potato with red onion wedges in olive oil flavoured with cumin and coriander for 30 minutes or until tender. Mashed kumara is a delicious and vibrant-coloured topping for a cottage pie.
Delicately flavoured zucchini is a versatile, no-fuss vegetable that requires minimal preparation. This week supplies are coming from local Sydney growers, Queensland and Victoria. Choose firm zucchini with glossy skin. Store in the crisper in the fridge
Attractive ruby-coloured and antioxidant-rich pomegranates contain jewel-like seeds bursting with juice and flavour. Sprinkle the arils over various dishes, and use the juice for salad dressings or marinades. Pomegranates are delicious and served with lamb, duck and chicken dishes. Liven up salads, couscous, eggplant and hummus with a spoonful of pomegranate seeds.
New-season ruby grapefruits are bursting with goodness, have a clean, pleasant, tangy flavour, and provide a healthy boost with vitamin C. The flesh colour can vary from pale pink to salmon red, and they are sweeter than their yellow-fleshed cousins.
Green beans
machine-harvested green beans are currently from the level fields of Bowen
Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts are good value this week
Leeks are a versatile ingredient adored for their soft, delicate, oniony flavour and lovely aroma. You can use them as a base for a stew or braise, like onions, or make them the hero in a homemade pie or soup.

Seasonal Recipes - Autumn

This is a real favourite and incredibly easy to make. Don't be put off by the filo pastry. The real trick is allow it to reach room temperature and work fast. I use a pastry brush to brush the sheets lightly with oil. Thanks to Costa Georgiadis for passing this recipe of him mother's on.

Japanese miso and tofu soup
This is one of my favourite soups to make. It's super-easy and you just feel like it's doing you good with each spoonful. To maintain the probiotic properties of the miso, bring it to a boil slowly and turn the heat off within 2 minutes of boiling

Gluten Free Orange and Almond Cake
I found this recipe on SBS food and immediately made it a bit healthier by cutting down on the amount of sugar it contains. It's super-moist and rich so you don't need a big piece to feel satisfied.

Jacket sweet potato with nutty wombok slaw
For some cheap and cheerful scrumptious comfort, try baking sweet potatoes in their skins with nutty wombok slaw, piled over the top. We love this for lunch or dinner.

Salmon & shitake miso soup
One of my all-time favourite meals when the temperature is dropping just enough to benefit from the comfort of an immune-boosting hot broth. 

Grilled salmon with golden beetroot, broccoli and freekah
Here's a snap, crackle a pop meal of pure deliciousness. It's got flavour, texture and beautiful colours and tops the charts in healthiness. IT takes a bit longer to prepare that some of my meals but it's very worth it

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