Marketfresh Report Week Ending 27th June

information courtesy of Sue Dodd - Sydney Markets

Winter is the best time to make the most of vitamin C rich citrus fruit. Mandarins, oranges, tangelos, lemons and grapefruit are all in good supply, and the quality is excellent. Tangelos are particularly good eating this week. Look for multi-buy specials on citrus to get extra good value.
It's a bumper season for Aussie grown Hass avocados. Top your soups with diced avocado, they are naturally good for you
Go Mediterranean style with refreshing and tasty fennel
Brown onions have an intense pungent flavour and are ideal for boosting the flavour of winter soups, casseroles and delicious caramelised and added to a pizza topping. Onions are sold loose and in pre-packed bags
Fresh Herbs
Fresh herbs add flair to winter fare. Sage, oregano, marjoram, parsley and lemon thyme - add them in combination or use on their own to enliven soups, casseroles and pasta sauces.
Naturally, scrumptious pears are a choice buy. You can enjoy Corella, Packham and Beurre Bosc pears this week
Australia’s love of sweet, ultra-healthy, low kilojoule blueberries continues to grow. Adding blueberries to your winter meals will boost your diets fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants. Sprinkle blueberries into your breakfast or whip up a homemade banana, blueberry & chia loaf; it’s perfect for serving with a ‘cuppa’. New-season blueberries available at your local greengrocer
Glossy red capsicums from Queensland are plentiful again this week
Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts are close to the top of the class for all-round nutrition, supplying dietary fibre, potassium and a range of vitamins (A, C, E and four of the B complex vitamins). Cooked until a vivid green, never to olive green, try them teamed with spicy chorizo sausage and crispy breadcrumb; the extra spice and crunchy texture make brussels sprouts genuinely more delicious.
Highly nutritious broccolini is a superb choice for winter. The crunchy stem and mini broccoli-lie top can all be eaten, so no wastage
A beautiful-looking apple with flavour to match, the Pink Lady is the preferred eating apple of many Aussies for its sweet yet tart taste, juiciness and crisp texture. Pink Lady apples are plentiful this week
Fragrant and sweet eating Queensland strawberry season has started, and from now until August, strawberries are just going to get better and better. Your local greengrocer has beautiful quality strawberries
Cauliflowers flourish in the cool weather, and this week snow-white cauliflowers are great value. Steam, stir-fry or boil, until just tender for the best flavour.
Asian Greens
Asian leafy green vegetables are a popular choice. They are inexpensive, packed with vitamins and quick to cook. these mild flavoured vegetables are delicious steamed or tossed in the wok as part of a stir-fry. Pop a few bunches of bok choy, choy sum or gai lum in the trolley this week.
Jap and Jarrahdale pumpkins are great value. Toss steamed diced pumpkin with crumbled fetta cheese and baby spinach leaves together for a gourmet salad; or make a pot of creamy pumpkin soup.

Seasonal Recipes - Winter

Chicken leek and mushroom lattice pie
This is the kind of food you can comfortably enjoy on a weight loss diet when you are fasting intermittently. It's still full of good nutrition but higher in calories than typical meals designed for a 7-day weight loss program. I like the flexibility, particularly in winter to enjoy comfort foods, like this pie, on non-fasting days and carefully restrict my intake down to 500 calories for 2 days a week.

Jacket sweet potato with nutty wombok slaw
For some cheap and cheerful scrumptious comfort, try baking sweet potatoes in their skins with nutty wombok slaw, piled over the top. We love this for lunch or dinner.

Szechuan and turmeric kimchi
This is a recipe I created after repeatedly spending over 10 dollars for a small jar of a delicious commercial brand. It costs the same t0 make almost almost five times the amount and the process is ridiculously easy. The longer you leave it the nicer it gets.

Grilled Spatchcock with a salad of beetroot, orange, watercress & baby herbs
Recipe courtesy of Game Farm.

Quinoa, Pistachio and Rose Petal Salad
Combining these ingredients together feels more like art than cooking, but then again cooking is an art in itself. Gluten intolerants will also enjoy this pretty salad that is delicious served with grilled lamb, chicken or haloumi and vegetable kebabs.

Quince frangipani tart
This tart is a bit of a labour of love. The tip to it (I think) is to bake more quince than you need for one meal (and have it for breakfast too) and then after you've had enough of it, turn what's left of it into this delicious tart. You'll about 1 cup of baked quince.

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