Marketfresh Report Week Ending 25th April

information courtesy of Sue Dodd - Sydney Markets

Corella pears
Petite, healthy and fibre rich, Corella pears have a low GI score of (33-44), which means their natural sugars are broken down slowly for absorption into the bloodstream making you feel satisfied for longer.
Victorian pomegranate season has started, and fruit is sweet eating. Pomegranates have a glorious sweet-tart flavour and are a rich source of antioxidants, and adored for their dynamic ruby coloured nectar and arils.
Soft and sweet eating traditional persimmons (the astringent variety) are a seasonal fruit available from April to July. Persimmons are ready to eat when the flesh is soft, gooey and resembling apricot jam. Persimmons team deliciously with yoghurt, custard, sponge, honey or cinnamon.
Pumpkins golden flesh and natural sweetness offers so many possibilities. Roast with chopped sage and toss pumpkin through pasta, gnocchi or an autumn salad. Pumpkins are good value.
Top up on Vitamin A with versatile, vibrant and top value, fresh carrots. Delicious cooked or raw.
Why not try...
Send the kids back to school with juicy and easy to peel Imperial mandarins, which are now available at your local greengrocer
Musky scented quinces are closely related to apples and pears and are in season now. However, unlike apples and pears, quince need to be peeled, then stewed, baked or poached before you can enjoy their sweet flesh.
Rosemary is the herb of remembrance, and ANZAC day is the perfect time to enjoy this fragrant herb. It is delicious, teamed with lamb, garlic, parmesan cheese, potatoes, yoghurt, chicken, pork and pumpkin.
Brussels sprouts
Chock full of goodness, Brussels sprouts are also good value. Select compact Brussels sprouts about the size of a ping-pong ball. Leaves should be firm, bright green and fresh-looking without signs of yellowing.
Cipollini onions
Tasmanian Cipollini onions (pronounced chip-oh-lee-knee) are a brown-skinned onion with a flattened disc shape, that are prized for their delicate yet extra sweet onion flavour. Enjoy them whole and roasted, their flesh softening and becoming caramelised and extra sweet.
New-season apples are plentiful and crisp. Apples are an excellent snack food, but they also add sweetness to autumn salads or coleslaw. With over ten different varieties now in season, there is an apple to suit everyone’s taste. Newer varieties like Pink Lady, Kanzi, Jazz and Fuji are very popular for their crunchy texture and unique sweet flavour profiles.
Smooth and creamy Shepard avocados are a thrifty buy. Whip a home-made avocado & spinach hummus, it’s inexpensive, easy to make and ultra-healthy.
Fennel is a crisp root vegetable with a delicate aniseed flavour that complements lamb and seafood. Fennel also teams deliciously with pears and plums.
Nutritious broccoli is a family favourite that is delicious steamed, stir-fried or added to pasta dishes.

Seasonal Recipes - Autumn

Grilled salmon with golden beetroot, broccoli and freekah
Here's a snap, crackle a pop meal of pure deliciousness. It's got flavour, texture and beautiful colours and tops the charts in healthiness. IT takes a bit longer to prepare that some of my meals but it's very worth it

Szechuan and turmeric kimchi
This is a recipe I created after repeatedly spending over 10 dollars for a small jar of a delicious commercial brand. It costs the same t0 make almost almost five times the amount and the process is ridiculously easy. The longer you leave it the nicer it gets.

Grilled Spatchcock with a salad of beetroot, orange, watercress & baby herbs
Recipe courtesy of Game Farm.

Quinoa, Pistachio and Rose Petal Salad
Combining these ingredients together feels more like art than cooking, but then again cooking is an art in itself. Gluten intolerants will also enjoy this pretty salad that is delicious served with grilled lamb, chicken or haloumi and vegetable kebabs.

Quince frangipani tart
This tart is a bit of a labour of love. The tip to it (I think) is to bake more quince than you need for one meal (and have it for breakfast too) and then after you've had enough of it, turn what's left of it into this delicious tart. You'll about 1 cup of baked quince.

Grilled chicken with rosemary, pinenut and parmesan crust
This is an improved adaptation from a recipe in The Greengrocer’s Diet, and has become a favourite it's super easy and it's particularly good on a budget. You can use either kale or spinach as shown in the picture but I prefer the robustness of kale.

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