Market Fresh Report Week Ending 25th October

information courtesy of Sue Dodd - Sydney Markets

Bananas offer good value and make a great portable snack. Overripe bananas can be frozen and used in banana bread or smoothies.
White and yellow-fleshed Australian grown peaches are now available at your local greengrocer
Brimming with healthy goodness, tropical-tasting papaya from Far North Queensland are well priced. A fragrant aroma is a good indication of good flavour
Be sure to snap up classic zucchinis For something different, slice and marinate in soy sauce, and grill at your next barbecue. Zucchinis can also be added to a stir fry, grated and baked in a cake or added them to a frittata.
Radishes crisp texture and mild mustard flavour adds a delicious burst of flavour and texture to spring salads.Choose from classic round and red, elongated red and white radishes or greengrocers also have bunches of mixed coloured radishes.
Luscious Northern Territory Kensington Pride and R2E2 mangoes are available and dropping in price.
Fragrant vivid red strawberries are heavenly eaten just on their own.
Fresh asparagus for Victoria has an exquisite flavour, is versatility and fast cooking time. Use asparagus in risottos, blanch and add to salads or toss through pasta dishes.
With its delicious aniseed flavour and crisp texture, fennel adds vibrancy to spring salads. It has virtually no fat and few kilojoules, and refreshing raw or cooked.
No that the salad season is upon us, select from crisp and crunchy iceberg lettuce, or long and flat-leafed Cos or Baby Cos lettuce.
Dutch carrots
Baby carrots also sold as Dutch carrots are sweet, juicy and a great buy.
The vivid purplish-blue colour of blueberries is an antioxidant known as anthocyanins, a naturally occurring plant chemical that makes blueberries so blue. Blueberries are a top buy this week.
Locally grown ruby red rhubarb with is tangy fleshy stems perfect to team up with Victorian strawberries
Globe artichokes
Globe artichokes are a stunning vegetable with a unique, sweet and subtle flavour. Boil trimmed globe artichokes until tender then, slice and combine with diced tomatoes, baby bocconcini, parsley, pepper and olive oil to serve with crusty bread.
Green beans
Versatile green beans are an Australian favourite. This stringless bean only requires the stems to be trimmed before cooking. They are best cooked rapidly to retain their delicious crunch and vibrant colour.
Lebanese Cucumbers
Crisp, locally grown Lebanese cucumbers are plentiful and good value.
If pumpkin carving is on your list of things to do for Halloween this 31st October, then the good news is that Halloween pumpkins are now available at your local greengrocer but be quick as they sell out fast.

Seasonal Recipes - Spring

Szechuan and turmeric kimchi
This is a recipe I created after repeatedly spending over 10 dollars for a small jar of a delicious commercial brand. It costs the same t0 make almost almost five times the amount and the process is ridiculously easy. The longer you leave it the nicer it gets.

Mackerel and Broad Bean salad with Rocket dressing
Hooray, itís broad bean season again. Seize the moment. Hereís the perfect lunch to serve on a warm spring day. Accompanied with a small basket of warmed sourdough wholegrain rolls, your guests will leave satisfied and sated for the remainder of the day.

Pea soup
Split green peas are cheap to buy and have an extremely low GI of 22. Cook them up in stock with a few veggies and spices and you have a very hearty, energy boosting soup the whole family can enjoy. Pea soup is usually cooked in with a ham bone but this can make the soup too salty. Using smoked paprika helps to replicate the flavour without diminishing the health value. Make sure to use a fresh vegetable stock, homemade or from the deli. Packet stocks are usually full of unnecessary preservatives and artificial flavours.

Pineapple Frangipanni Cake
This dessert does take time to prepare but itís delicious, not too sweet and thereís nothing like it available commercially. You may have to serve it with ice cream (but find a good one) for the diehards who have a sweet tooth, but personally I like it with a sheepís yoghurt and sliced fresh pineapple.

Grilled Spatchcock with a salad of beetroot, orange, watercress & baby herbs
Recipe courtesy of Game Farm.

Quinoa, Pistachio and Rose Petal Salad
Combining these ingredients together feels more like art than cooking, but then again cooking is an art in itself. Gluten intolerants will also enjoy this pretty salad that is delicious served with grilled lamb, chicken or haloumi and vegetable kebabs.

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