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Whether it's a city, a large organisation, or a group of friends who want to harness the support and enthusiasm of others, large scale health programs are a great way to challenge participants and generate energy and positivity.

Lighten Up Wagga was a three month challenge for the people of Wagga who wanted to lose the title of being the fattest and most unfit city in Regional NSW.

The program enlisted the support of local celebrities and businesses who offered challengers products and services at a discounted rate to help their journey.

What people have said

Thanks Judy for getting me kick started by bringing LUW to Wagga. I will be continuing with the heathier lifestyle after 30th November, especially now I'm feeling so much better. I'm determined to get to my goal weight I've always has the excuse that I don't have the time to exercise I work I'm a mum of three young kids and my husband is a shift worker - I take from LUW that I do have time. I make time.


Losing weight was the original plan however I am even more happy to say our family (2 adults & 2 teenagers) are following The Greengrocer Diet and all feeling very great. The kids love it, ask about what we are eating and feeling great.


Thank you so much for bringing LUW to Wagga. You have certainly got me kick started to leading a healthier lifestyle. Even though I haven't lost as much as I hoped I have made changes that will enable me to get there eventually! I am so grateful for finally finding something that works for my husband. Seeing That Sugar Film brought it all together. If you'd asked us to quit sugar we would have said no way, not for us. But that's really what we have done, simply by eating good quality, delicious, home cooked food! Support from local businesses was a key part of our success. We plan to send a Thankyou card to all the businesses to explain that even if we didn't use their service or discount the knowledge that they were supporting us was just as important.


My weight loss is slow but it's still going down and I won't be giving up anytime soon. I am motivated to keep the program going, especially when just yesterday when I walked into a shop and the owner whom I have known for many years and who I have not seen for the last 12 weeks said to me "Sue have you lost weight". This week I have had to buy a new set of work uniform as my pants are so loose and baggy and shirts are hanging off me. Gone down 2 sizes. My husband is eating the meals I cook and has lost 10 KG. I've lost 6.5kg. I have liked how people have been so motivated, I have got out of my comfort zone and done other things eg. walking with others, (joined the feather and willow walkers this week), aqua aerobics and tried new foods and recipes and I have enjoyed the chats that we have had through FB and face to face. All I can say is "Thankyou" to my friend for inviting me to join her and you for inspiring us to change our life style.

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