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Packham Pear Pandanus leaves Pandoro
Panetonne Papaw (see also yellow papaw) Papaya (see also red papaya)
Paprika - Hot, Sweet, Mild, Smoked Paradise Pears Parmesan cheese
Parrotfish Parsley Parsnip
Passionfruit Pasta - Dried Pasta - dried wholegrain
Pasta - Fresh Peaches Peanuts
Pear Juice Concentrate Pears Peas
Pecan Nut Pecorino Pepitas
Pepper, Szechuan Pepperberry, Native Peppercorns
Peppermint (see Mint) Peppers (see Capsicum) Persimmon
Pine mushrooms Pine Nut Pineapple
Pinto Beans Pistachio Nut Plums
Polenta Pomegranate Pomegrante molasses
Poppy Seed Porcini mushrooms Pork
Potatoes Potatoes - Desiree Potatoes - Kipfler
Potatoes - Pontiac Prawns Preserved lemon
Prickly Pear Provolone Prunes
Pumpkin Pumpkin - Jap Pumpkin Seed
Purple carrot Purple Rice

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