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Paradise Pears
Paradise Pears are also referred to as Faccia Bella pear. They are available from December to February. These miniature-sized pears change colour from green to gold and develop a beautiful red blush when fruit is ripe. The fruit has a crisp white flesh with green skin sometimes tinged with red. Being small they are ideal for kid's lunch boxes. They are also fantastic in salads and served on cheese platters.Eaten firm and crisp, paradise pears are refreshingly sweet.
Category: Cheese
In Season: Summer
To Buy:
Look for firm fleshed fruit free of blemishes.
To Store:
Store at room temperature. Unlike other varieties of pear the Paradise pear is crisp and firm and ready to eat when it's bought.
Tips & Tricks:
To Prolong life and crunch store in the fridge but eat at room temperature.
Cooking Tips:

Nutrition per 1 Cup:

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