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Pear Juice Concentrate
Pear juice concentrate is used as a sugar replacement in cakes and desserts. The juice is extracted by press from mature, sound pears then evaporated under vacuum. Pear juice concentrate is approx 1/3 lower in kilojoules than refined sugar per weight.
Purchase it from greengrocers with a large range of grocery items or health food stores.
Category: Sweetener
In Season: all year
To Buy:
Buy in jars from health food stores or the health section of the supermarket.
To Store:
Store in the fridge once opened. Check the expiry date on the packaging but it should keep for up to 18 months.
Tips & Tricks:
Half a cup of concentrate replaces 1 cup sugar.
Cooking Tips:
Use in muffins, porridge, cakes and many other desserts in place of sugar.

Nutrition per 0.5 Cup:

Weight (grams):
Carbohydrates, g:
Fat (g):
Monosaturated Fat , g:
No information available
Energy (kJ):
Protein (g):
Saturated Fat, g :
No information available

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