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Pine mushrooms
Pine mushrooms are rich, earthy and genuinely wild mushrooms. They have almost a buttery flavour and texture and are perfect for everything from slow-cooking to baking and basic saute.
Depending on where you are in Australia and the weather, the pine mushroom season can last from a couple of weeks to several months during autumn. This year, the season is expected to last longer, until late June to early July in certain states.
If you buy your pine mushrooms at a market, don't clean them under water, just wipe or brush them lightly to remove the dirt.
Category: Fungus
In Season:
To Buy:
Buy from the local greengrocer or fresh food market
To Store:
Store in paper bags in the fridge for 1 - 2 days
Tips & Tricks:
If you bruise or cut the mushroom, it will bleed an orange sap and the bruised part will turn green. The mushroom is still edible and the colour will disappear when cooking.
Cooking Tips:

Nutrition per 1 Cup:

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