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Our seasonal recipe database is complete with healthy recipes for all the family. You'll soon find that healthy food is not only quick and easy to prepare but it's delicious too.

Toasted Pecan Muesli


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Fennel, Chilli, Garlic & Pumpkin Pasta
The chilli & garlic in this pasta dish provide a lovely warming quality for the cooler nights of autumn and winter however this recipe also tastes nice cold during Summer and Spring. If you like spice simply add more chilli...The most important thing to remember?....Always use good quality pasta and parmesan!
Vegan Veggie Pie
Thereís something so fulfilling about making a pie from scratch and so satisfying to sit down to eat. This rustic pie takes a little time but is very easy and enjoyable to make Ė particularly when itís designed to look imperfect! The true perfectionists may want to make their own lentils, but canned work just as well and remove a step from this labour of love.
Fresh Fig with Basil and Parmesan Pasta
Just because itís healthy, does mean it looks it! In this simple pasta dish we use basic pesto ingredients with less oil and saturated fat but with the same flavour. Switch regular pasta with wholemeal to boost its fibre content and serve it with an accompanying green salad. Itís a meal for the girls. Grab your girlfriends, set the table outside and whip it together in minutes. Who wants to spend hours indoors cooking with so much news to catch up on outside!
Vegan Spanokopita
One of my favourite meals is a traditional Greek spanokopita. It's not something I make very often however there's no way to substitute the traditional paper fine flaky filo with a wholegrain alternative. The pastry packet says it's suitable for vegans and so, substituting the feta with a creamy cashew alternative, I reckon this recipes makes a pretty healthy vegan alternative to the real thing and it's scrumptious.
Zucchini Vellutata
This stunning spring soup (try saying that in a hurry) is a recipe idea I ran off with after attending the Australian Olive Oil awards last week. They were held at the iconic restaurant Pendolino Olive Oil Gallery and to start our lunch we were served zucchini vellutata. What made it so great was the layer of olive oil over the top so please make sure when you make this you use a fine quality extra virgin olive oil.

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