Free Healthy Recipe - Blue-eye Cod with Papaya and Beansprout Salsa

Dairy free, Low carbohydrate

Papaya for summer. Beansprouts for vitality. Add them to the wonderful healthy properties of fish, and this dish will make you feel ready to take on the world.

4 125 gram fillets blue-eye cod
1 lime juiced
1 tbsp chilli oil
1½ tbsp fresh coriander, chopped
4 sprigs fresh coriander, to serve
4 serves stir-fried Asian greens, (see recipe list)

2 cups red papaya, thinly sliced
3 cups beansprouts
1 cup Lebanese cucumber, grated
1 green chilli seeded and finely chopped
2 tbsp fresh mint, finely chopped
1 cup fresh coriander, roughly chopped
pinch sea salt
2 limes juiced

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
To make the salsa, combine the papaya, beansprouts, cucumber, chilli, mint and coriander in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the lime juice. Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.

Wipe the fillets with a damp paper towel and pat dry. Squeeze a third of the lime juice over the fillets then, using a pastry brush, lightly brush chilli oil over one side of each fillet. Top each fillet with a pinch of chopped coriander before loosely wrapping each in its own sealed foil parcel.

Bake the fish parcels on a baking tray for 15 minutes. Serve the fish on a bed of salsa with a sprig of coriander on top and stir-fried Asian greens on the side.

Makes 4 servings

Scale recipe to serves

Prep Time: 60 mins
Cooking Time: 15 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 20 mins

Suitable for:
Dinner, Lunch
See also:
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Nutritional Information - Per Serve
Kj 1274 kj
Calories 304 kcal
Fat 11.9 g
Saturated Fat 2.1 g
Total Carbohydrate 9.5 g
Total Protein 34.4 g
Fibre 7.1 g

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