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The New Tefal Soup maker

By: The Food Coach

It's officially the chilly season - the temperature has started to drop, the scarves are out and the trees have all lost their leaves! Luckily Tefal has come to the rescue with its most heart-warming food preparation appliance across Australia - the Tefal Soup and Co Soup Maker.

Tefal today launches its most heart-warming food preparation appliance across Australia - the Tefal Soup & Co Soup Maker, in a bid to keep all Aussies warm through winter with nourishing and healthy homemade soups cooked in just 25 minutes. Tefal is known for creating the non-stick cookware category and is a world leader in small domestic equipment.

In addition to making it easier than ever to keep your loved ones nourished through winter, the Tefal Soup & Co offers a chance to experiment with countless food combinations and recipe ideas. Simply place your choice of fresh vegetables and soup base into its 2.8 Litre stainless steel jug, press one button and then you are free to spend valuable time with your family - while the Tefal Soup & Co transforms your fresh ingredients into a nourishing and healthy home-cooked meal.

Pedro Demartini, Tefal's Marketing Director, says that with the average Australian juggling more commitments than ever before, preparing a healthy home-cooked meal is often the first activity to fall from the radar.

"Time is our most precious commodity, and with our time-poor lifestyles often failing to support our desire to provide nourishing meals to our loved ones, the result is often high guilt and unhealthy choices," said Demartini.

"The innovation of Tefal's Soup & Co is in its quick and easy nature - allowing people to prepare nourishing, home-cooked meals whilst tending to other commitments. It means soup can become a regular repertoire on your weekly menu," he said.

Orla Hugueniot, senior nutritionist and Executive Officer from Nutrition Australia, a Tefal Soup & Co partner, stresses the importance of preparing healthy, balanced and nourishing meals throughout winter to help get you through the cold and flu season.

"While Australian's are juggling their busy lives, the Tefal Soup & Co really is a time saver when it comes to preparing nourishing, nutrient-packed meals fast, to keep you fit and healthy through winter," she said.

More than just functional, the Tefal Soup & Co will create winter warmers through the cold months, while in summer the appliance can be used to create delightful dips, sauces, smoothies and cocktails.

The Tefal Soup & Co is one of the many innovative Food Preparation appliances on offer by Tefal, helping to make your job in the kitchen easier, and will be available through department stores, electrical retailers and specialist independents for RRP $299.95.

Product Details
2.8L Jug, 1.8L useful capacity
2 cooking programs: Fine & Thick soup
Automatic cleaning program
Ice-crushing function
Large LCD display
5 speeds & pulse
1100W power
Keep warm up to 40 minutes
Temperature adjuster from 60 - 100 degrees
Full colour recipe book - 40 recipes
Made in France


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