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I bought my Tefal Soup & Co maker from Myers, most plac... »
Nancye on The New Tefal Soup maker :
I'm looking for some nice easy recipes to make with my ... »
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I spend several days researching for a soup maker, and ... »
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How to eat well

3 new studies link eating red to a healthy heart
By: Courtesy of EurekaAlert

WASHINGTON D.C., April 12, 2011 – Tart cherries have a unique combination of powerful antioxidants that may help reduce risk factors for heart disease, according to new research presented at the Experimental Biology annual meeting in Washington, DC. In a series of ... [More]...


Call for traffic light labels on cereals
By: The Food Coach

A recent study by food quality pressure group The Parents Jury and nutritionist Rosemary Stanton has uncovered damning evidence with regards to several breakfast cereals. The study compared packaging claims and marketing slogans with actual ingredients in products such as Kellogg's ... [More]...


Cereal & Kids
By: Lisa Costa Bir

This study looked at the effects of serving high-sugar cereals on children's breakfast-eating behavior, in particular, whether (1) children will consume low-sugar ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals and (2) the effects of serving high- versus low-sugar cereals on the consumption of cereal, refined ... [More]...


Could You Go A Mango?
By: Courtesy of Australian mangoes

Celebrity chef, Tobie Puttock, is encouraging people of all ages to ‘Go an Aussie Mango’ as the first fruits of this year’s crop make their way from the Northern Territory to supermarkets and green grocers nationwide with early indications that it ... [More]...


Fast Food Hamburgers-what are you really eating?
By: Lisa Costa Bir

This is a very interesting study that analysed the meat content of hamburgers in America, it reminded me of one of Jamie Olivers segments when he toured America and did an expose into what Americans put in their hamburger patties. Note- ... [More]...


Nutritional and functional properties of dates: a review
By: The Food Coach

  • Date flesh is low in fat and protein but high in sugars, particularly fructose and glucose.
  • It is a high source of energy: 100 g of flesh can provide an average of 314 kcal.
  • Ten minerals were reported, the major ones ... [More]...


    Parsley & Celery Carry Crucial Component for Fight Against Breast Cancer
    By: Courtesy of EurekAlert

    COLUMBIA, Mo. — Parsley is usually used as a decorative accent to a scrumptious meal, but don’t set it aside just yet. In a new study, a University of Missouri researcher has found that a compound in parsley and other plant ... [More]...


    Study shows pizza is worse than we thought
    By: Amy Dusseldorp, Nutritionist

    Just 3 slices of takeaway pizza can contain the entire daily salt intake for an adult which is around 4 grams. The pizza with the highest sodium was Pizza Hut's BBQ Meatlover's which provided 327 per cent of the daily sodium ... [More]...


    Supermarket Lighting Enhances Nutrient Level of Fresh Spinach
    By: Information courtesy of Science Daily

    Far from being a food spoiler, the fluorescent lighting in supermarkets actually can boost the nutritional value of fresh spinach, scientists are reporting. The finding could lead to improved ways of preserving and enhancing the nutritional value of spinach and perhaps ... [More]...


    TV Viewing Linked to Unhealthy Eating
    By: Courtesy of EurekAlert

    Spending time in front of the television is linked to an increased consumption of unhealthy snacks and drinks according to a recent review by Loughborough University experts. Dr Natalie Pearson and Professor Stuart Biddle of the University's School of Sport, Exercise and ... [More]...



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