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Shirley on The New Tefal Soup maker :
HI, I had the old soup maker, but it has been discontin... »
Nancye on The New Tefal Soup maker :
I bought my Tefal Soup & Co maker from Myers, most plac... »
Nancye on The New Tefal Soup maker :
I'm looking for some nice easy recipes to make with my ... »
Mystery on The New Tefal Soup maker :
I spend several days researching for a soup maker, and ... »
Shirley on Products we LOVE in a pack: Rice Plus :
How many calories inriceplus... »

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Ancient Grains book launch
By: The Food Coach

We know they are good for us, but what do we do with them? For the first time all the information and inspiration needed to incorporate whole grains into an everyday eating plan is showcased in Ancient Grains. The book opens with ... [More]...


Beauty lies within - Avocados good to eat despite their appearance

Australian Avocados have been dealt a heavy blow by Cyclone Yasi, with 20% of the crop in North Queensland destroyed and a further 30 - 40% inflicted with scratches and blemishes to the skin. As cyclone affected, ‘spotty’ avocados reach supermarket ... [More]...


Kraft Peanut Butter: Top facts in a nutshell
By: The Food Coach

Today KRAFT FOODS launches a new variety to its KRAFT Peanut Butter range – a specially formulated peanut butter with No Added Sugar or Salt. To celebrate the launch of the new peanut butter variety, KRAFT has declared today National Peanut Butter ... [More]...



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