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HI, I had the old soup maker, but it has been discontin... »
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I bought my Tefal Soup & Co maker from Myers, most plac... »
Nancye on The New Tefal Soup maker :
I'm looking for some nice easy recipes to make with my ... »
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I spend several days researching for a soup maker, and ... »
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How many calories inriceplus... »

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Make it for toddlers

Cereal & Kids
By: Lisa Costa Bir

This study looked at the effects of serving high-sugar cereals on children's breakfast-eating behavior, in particular, whether (1) children will consume low-sugar ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals and (2) the effects of serving high- versus low-sugar cereals on the consumption of cereal, refined ... [More]...


Family Meals Help Children to Be Less Fussy About Food
By: Information courtesy of EurekAlert

A study has found that eating together as a family may encourage children to be more open to trying new types of food. Faye Powell, from Loughborough University and member of the British Psychological Society, observed over 75 families during mealtimes ... [More]...


Yummy Gluten free rice rusks from Baby Mum-Mum
By: Lisa Costa Bir

As the mum of an 8 month year old who is teething i'm keen to get my hands on anything that will help. My partner has a history of gluten and dairy intolerance so i am very conscious of introducing these ... [More]...



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