The rising cost of produce explained

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

Since the election we've heard a great deal about the rising cost of living. So, what's happened and why are we feeling it so hard in our back pockets?
First, there was Covid, and the country lockdown forced farmers to plant about one tenth of what they would ordinarily plant, simply because they didn't have the workforce to help them.
Two years later and we're open for business but then the rain started. Already, with a drastically depleted supply of produce, the heavens opened on the East coast and two massive floods decimated crops. Local Farmers Market out at Flemington in Sydney literally have nothing to sell.
Fortunately, we have food-growing regions all over Australia, but the war in the Ukraine has forced the cost of freighting food from Victoria to Sydney to three times more than it cost four months ago.
It's been a perfect storm, and our only solution is to ride it out, cut spending on non-essential items because, for our own good health, fresh produce is essential.
To make the best of this difficult situation
Plan your meals around the produce in the store. Now is not the time to shop around a recipe. Go to your local greengrocer and pick up the best buys in fresh fruit and veg. Invest in the green leafy vegetables because they are positively the best foods you can buy in terms of nutrition but remember why you have to pay a little bit more for it and use it wisely.


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