5 new ways to get your daily five

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

Happy Friday everyone

If you've fallen into a rut of serving the same old vegetables the same old way then this week why don't you accept the challenge and think up some news ways to get your daily five.

This week I have set a challenge to try 5 news ways to serve some of the vegetables you normally buy.
For instance, if you enjoy a traditional roast chicken with roast spuds, pumpkin and steamed Brussels sprouts - one of my favourites - why not instead pluck the sprouts out of traditional Western cuisine and give it an Asian twist by slicing them into a stir fry with marinated tofu, ginger, garlic and soy?

Zucchini is a blank canvas to do pretty much what you want so instead of steaming it which. let's face it is a bit blah and bland, how about you try grated zucchini, add some chopped mint, squeeze out the excess moisture, and fold it through a pancake batter made with chickpea flour, eggs and buttermilk. Shallow fry in olive oil and serve with soft fetta. Zucchini is so versatile it can be used in sweet and savoury cakes, frittatas, and all kind of other portable snack foods - just add zucchini to go.

For vegetable ideas and inspiration look no further than Ottolenhi. This recipe for Cauliflower Cake I found on the net and it looks divine.

These days, with Paleo and Vegan devotees around the world, cauliflower has become the master of disguise and is now used as a replacement for mashed potatoes, rice, pizza bases and even vegan schnitzels. Roasted whole under a closed BBQ, cauliflower takes on a delicious smoky flavour, and roasted florets blended into soup with stock and spices holds its own amongst some of the finest meat-based soup blends.

A good excuse to eat desserts can be found when the desserts include health boosting anthocyanins from vegetables; beetroot and chocolate is an insane combination, not forgetting pumpkin and sweet potato in numerous pies, cakes and scones.
Let's not pretend these are healthy but Scottish macaroon bars blend mashed potato with icing sugar into bars dipped in chocolate and then coated in desiccated coconut. Look them up, it is true!

Last but not least is this recipe for a spinach and coconut yoghurt cake which I think you will agree looks spectacular The image and recipe is credited to veggiedesserts.com.

The options to disguise, copy, invent, and create vegetable-inspired dishes are endless and so I put you to the challenge.

Try 5 news ways to cook some of your favourite vegetables this week and see how much fun you can have.


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