Why investing in healthy food pays dividends in the long run

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

While it's true that some healthy foods can be more expensive than processed or unhealthy options, it is both possible and highly advisable to find affordable ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. The cost of a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables varies with the season, your location, the availability of fresh produce, and your own personal choice.

Seasonal and Local Produce: Choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season and locally sourced can often be more affordable. These items are usually more abundant and have lower transportation costs, making them potentially cheaper.

Frozen and Canned Options: Frozen fruits and vegetables can be a cost-effective alternative to fresh produce, especially when certain items are out of season. They often retain their nutritional value and can be more convenient since they have a longer shelf life. Canned options, such as beans or tomatoes, can also be economical and nutritious choices.

Bulk Buying and Sales: Purchasing fruits and vegetables in bulk or taking advantage of sales and discounts can help reduce costs. Look for promotions at your local greengrocer and with less perishable produce like potatoes, pumpkin, and onions, save money by purchasing large bags or whole items.

Avoid waste by planning your meals.
There's nothing more expensive that food that's wasted. Planning your meals in advance and incorporating fruits and vegetables strategically can help minimise waste and optimise your grocery budget. Meal prepping can also be beneficial in terms of time and cost efficiency.

It's important to consider the long-term health benefits when evaluating the cost of a healthy diet. While the immediate expense may seem higher, investing in your health through a nutritious diet can potentially lead to savings in prescription medicines, doctors' appointments, and other medical procedures. Additionally, the overall benefits to your well-being and quality of life make it a worthwhile investment.


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