What can we do to improve our health in 2022?

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

The calendar has flipped over onto another year and instead of approaching this year with the expectation we had in 2021 that the worst is behind us, I think most of us have had a reality check. Covid is not over, and health is squarely front, centre, and side of our thinking. While we are mostly focused on getting our booster shots, I hope we are also focused on what we can do to improve our health in 2022.

There are three things you can do to improve your diet in 2022 and they are:

1. Improve your diet
2. Move your body more
3. Manage your levels of stress

If you had to break these down into 3 things within each category you could

1. Eat more vegetables - especially low carbohydrate vegetables
2. Eat less highly processed packaged food
3. Reduce your intake of added sugar

1. Walk everyday
2. Stretch
3. Strengthen your muscles


1. Try to get a good night's sleep every night
2. Practise meditation/ mindfulness
3. Do more of the things that relax you and bring you joy.

In essence, it is simple, but all change takes planning, work, and often (but not always) support from experts.

What's important to know, if all of the above is too overwhelming, is that one activity can drive another, therefore when the overall objective is to get healthier in 2022, if you start with one thing, the chances are it will lead to another and another.

I was to advise you on what thing to start, it would be to EAT MORE VEGETABLES!

Happy New Year everyone


Jan 31 2022 7:57PM
I have to make a salad for a client once a week. It seems so simple to do it for others when you get paid! I am surprised how nice it is to chop a couple of things and eat a simple tasty lunch like this! I am going to have to start treating myself like my own client- haha.
Comment by: Simone

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I have to make a salad for a client once a week. It se... »
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