Recipe Roulette

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

As someone who loves to cook I have to say that this year, 2020, I am officially over it. I've lost count of the number of meals I've cooked and I've forgotten when the act of cooking stopped being joyous. Until I re discovered my cookbooks.

Now this might sound a bit strange coming from someone who encourages people to use recipes from her own website, but in the spirit of helping out fellow man and woman, when times are tough I am more than happy to share how I rescued my almost, but not-quite-yet -rescued love of cooking.

It's a game called recipe roulette, where you grab some of the hundreds of cookbooks you have stashed away, open them up at a random page and commit to making the meal.

There are a few conditions to play this game. I only choose from books I like, from the main meal section only and, because I don't eat red meat, I disregard that section too. Aside from that whichever page I happen to land on is the dish we are having that night, or next night depending on when one of us gets out to shop.

It's not as dangerous as Russian Roulette, I still live to tell the tale and yes there have been meals I don't need to repeat again, but on the whole it's been a thoroughly positive experience. A bit like going to a restaurant where there is not much in the menu you fancy but you are pleasantly surprised anyway.

Let's face it, times are not what they used to be and we have to find new ways to amuse ourselves and this is one way.

So why don't you try it, spin the wheel, pick a page and find something new to create this week.


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