Top Fresh Trends for 2019

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

This year more people will be eating fresh plant produce and less animal foods due to their concern for the environment. That's the futurists view on eating trends for 2019. The health obsessed amongst us will also adopt an eco-keto approach which means they'll aim to reduce their intake of starchy carbohydrate-rich fresh foods and replace them with foods that are higher in plant protein.

Look out for jackfruit, celeriac and kohlrabi

It's all good news for the producers of fresh food and greengrocers around the country, particularly because the public will be calling for a more diverse range of produce to keep their meals interesting. Produce like jackfruit, kohlrabi, and celeriac which are rarely found in the supermarket will be sought out by those trending towards an over 80% consumption in plant diet.

Produce to feed our gut bacteria

Our fascination in gut health will continue to flourish as more people recognise the importance of eating fresh produce for its prebiotic properties. We'll continue to enjoy fermented foods expanding the repertoire beyond the simple cabbage to more interesting produce such as celeriac.

Smoked produce

People who do reduce their intake of meat will enjoy more smoked foods. The umami flavour from smoked foods is a great substitute for meat so look out for smoked garlic, onion, field mushrooms, carrots, pumpkin and jackfruit.

Packing and snacking

Our concern for the environment will have a major impact on how we purchase the increasing number of snack-sized produce out there. Mini produce such a cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers and sweet corn which are so appealing to kid's may soon be purchased loose or packaged in bio degradable containers.

Naturally bright

As the emphasis to ensure we get the most nutritional bang-for-our-bite remains we will continue to buy brightly coloured produce. Expect to see more purple on your plate.

Veggies in desserts

Creamy desserts made with blended avocado and macadamia nuts will continue to be a trend in 2019 with sweetness derived from blended fruit and/or dates. Wheat flour substitutes which offer more protein than many gluten-free flours include besan (chickpea flour), teff, quinoa and almond meal.

The 2019 star food

You heard it here first. The jackfruit is a huge fruit which is a great source of potassium and other nutrients and can resemble meat in its many guises.

As we move towards a meatless society foods like the jackfruit offer a satisfying eco alternative.


Jan 4 2019 10:49PM
Whilst I agree with your comments re eating more vegetables etc I cannot agree with your final sentence in part which says: " As we move towards a meatless society etc. What I would like to know is this: What scientific study has been done on a cost benefit analysis as to a meatless society vs a vegetable based society in a world where there are about 7.5 billion people & its adverse effect on the environment ?
Comment by: BILL
Jan 6 2019 8:30AM
Hi Judy, Happy new year, I truly thank you for your marvelous articles, and while i may not comment on them all I do read them all and use the information, and recipes in my education of others in setting up their personal health plans.
I am from a farming background and would suggest that clean lean meat is a crucial part of a balanced diet.
God bless you and keep up the great work
Comment by: Lionel
Jan 11 2019 11:02AM
Hi Bill and Lionel
happy New Year to you both - and thank you for writing. I think I ought to have chosen my words a bit better as it's highly unlikely we will ever become a meatless society ! Re cost benefit analysis Bill there was a program which Michael Mosely did on the costs of eating meat - I wrote an article on it and will try to find it for you - all that said - I wholly agree that meat, poultry, fish and eggs are an important part of a balanced diet and it's much easier to get the full complement of essential nutrients when we include them in the diet. However many people eat way too much and it's not necessary. Thanks again for writing and please continue to do so as it's nice to know there is a an audience
Comment by: Judy

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