The secret sauce

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

It's always fun to hear the new "corpo" language that emerges when another wave of 30 somethings come to the fore in their corporate career. The other day someone told me they would circle back to a subject. I commented that I thought it was a ridiculous phrase which led to a few days of highly amusing Facebook conversation full of the latest corporate language. And so I will try to double down on this subject trying not to get into the weeds by having a helicopter view where we may get some clear air on the subject of our secret sauce.

And then we can develop a narrative around it !

Let me circle back to the subject of secret sauce, which is, as I discovered the other day, the latest language in what sets you apart from the rest. It's quite clever when you think about it because a secret sauce - when it's good - is what sets a great salad apart from the rest and is the reason why we are seeing an emerging number of hugely popular salad bowl outlets.
It's all about the sauce.

Our friends at Heinz and Fountain could tell us that there's big money in sauce. There's often quite a lot of sugar too when you are buying sauce in a commercial jar or bottle, however the great thing about a good sauce that's not full of sugar is, when it's added to really healthy ingredients, it can make these healthy ingredients more palatable. That's a really good thing, particularly with young kids who generally need to be encouraged to eat their vegetables and salad.

OK -Corporate babble aside, I will now drop the sauce word and refer to it as dressing
I want to encourage you to make your own dressing to use on salad bowls because it's always fresher, free of any additives and with practice you can make it most delicious.

The basic equation to making a dressing is this :
Dressing/Sauce = Oil (3 parts) + Acid (1 part) + Emulsifier (a little mustard or egg yolk) + Flavour

And it's what type of oil, acid, emulsifier and flavours that give you the secret sauce.

this is when it gets fun

A great balanced sauce or dressing balances the flavours of your taste buds and includes sweet, sour, salt, bitter and pungent.

When you are inventing your secret sauce try not to tip the scales with any one flavour.

Sweetness can be balanced by sour, the oil can be balanced by the vinegar, the salt balanced by the pungency of pepper or chilli, or an emulsifying pungent mustard.

Imagine you are a culinary chemist and get into the kitchen with your lab coat and test tubes and start mixing.

And once you've got what you think is your secret sauce, drizzle it over some salad leaves and see how much they like it.


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