6 good reasons to enjoy red papaya and yellow pawpaw this spring

By: The Food Coach

Red papaya and yellow pawpaw can be found pretty much all year round now but it's during spring and summer when they are most abundant and delicious. While they look similar they are distinctively different in taste however both fruits share similar health benefits.

Aside from being delicious in their own special and unique way there are 6 main reasons why you should enjoy them this season.

  • 1.Assist in weight loss

    Like all fruit, pawpaw and papaya are low in fat, but both are also relatively low in natural sugar. With only 210 kJ per cup, pawpaw is a real friend to anyone who needs to lose weight. It makes a great between-meal mid-afternoon snack and will help tide you over until dinner time.

  • 2.Boosts immunity to protect against infection

    There is a unique number of antioxidants including vitamin C and carotenoids found in red papaya and yellow pawpaw. One cup of each provides more than twice the daily recommended dietary intake for vitamin C and nearly 1/3 of vitamin A.

  • 3.Improves digestion

    Fibre is so important to maintain a clean and healthy digestive tract and red papaya and yellow pawpaw provide good amounts of it. Papaya also contains the enzyme papain which helps to digest proteins. The juice makes a terrific marinade for slightly cheaper (and tougher) cuts of meat as the papain helps to breakdown the fibres in the meat prior to cooking.

  • 4.Reduce inflammation

    Papaya is a well-known treatment to encourage healing after skin burns. The enzymes in papaya have also been shown to help reduce inflammation. People who suffer from asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, may find some relief by introducing more papaya into their diet.

  • 5.Glowing skin

    If your skin is in need of a little boost, some red papaya and yellow pawpaw on both the inside and outside may help to return the youthful appearance you crave. Both these fruits assist with skin elasticity and the formation and repair of skin cells. Plus they have a naturally high water content, which helps keep your skin glowing and you hydrated.

  • 6.Healthy mum healthy baby

    Red papaya and yellow pawpaw are also ideal for expecting mums as they contain folate, which is essential for normal cell division and growth in pregnancy. Once your healthy baby reaches 6 months the fruits make ideal solids to introduce to your baby.

    Selection and Storage

    Ripe papaya and papaw will yield to pressure around the stem, similar to avocados and pears.
    Dark spots or blemishes, do not necessarily mean that the fruit is of poor quality. Red papaya and yellow papaw are fragile fruits that need to be handled carefully to prevent bruising.

    Choose red papayas and yellow papaw that are slightly soft to touch with skin that is almost completely yellow if you plan to eat them straight away and store them in the fridge.

    If you choose not to eat them straight away, select fruits with a yellow to green skin and allow them to ripen at room temperature for a few days before cutting.


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