Free Healthy Recipe - Sundried Tomato and Sweetcorn Omelette

Low carbohydrate, Low fat

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Ho hum I hear you cry. An omelette is not so ho hum when you use the delicious contrasting flavours of sweetcorn and slightly tangy sun dried tomatoes.

If you are trying to lose weight, don't serve it with bread but with steamed veggies and pre made gomazio.

Once it's made, sit down and take a minute to enjoy and appreciate the colours of the meal. See how beautiful it looks on the plate and how good it smells. Don't rush eating it.

1 cob corn
5 sundried tomatoes drained and chopped
2 eggs
splash skim milk
pinch sea salt
pinch black pepper

Remove the husk from the sweet corn cob and steam in a shallow pan of water for three - five minutes. Remove the cob from the pan and set aside.

While the corn is steaming, drain the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes by laying them on absorbent paper and blotting dry. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces.

Using a hand blender whizz two eggs in a jug with a splash of skimmed milk and season with sea salt and cracked black pepper.
Using a clean tea cloth to prevent burning your hands cut the corn kernels off the cob and reserve in a bowl.
Under a medium flame, pour a teaspoon of olive oil into a small non-stick omelette pan and coat the bottom of the pan with the oil. Add the egg mix and roll the mixture around the pan until the bottom layer begins to cook (while doing this gently lift the cooked mixture off the edges of the pan to prevent it from sticking) Once the mixture is more cooked than not (with only the top layer now left runny drop in the tomatoes and 2/3rds of the corn.

Under the grill toast the top layer of the omelette, until the egg is cooked and the corn is slightly toasted and little pieces are crunchy.
Serve with steamed vegetables.

Makes 1 servings

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Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15 mins
Ready in: 25 mins

Suitable for:
Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
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Nutritional Information - Per Serve
Kj 1440 kj
Calories 344 kcal
Fat 14.1 g
Saturated Fat 3.6 g
Total Carbohydrate 30.7 g
Total Protein 21.1 g
Fibre 7.9 g

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