Free Healthy Recipe - Marinated Lamb and Vegetable Kebabs

Dairy free, Low carbohydrate

Even though there is less saturated fat on trimmed cuts of meat, there is and never has been any fibre. Are the high incidents of colon cancer a result of too much meat or not enough vegetables? I suspect the latter. In this dish we incorporate three serves of vegetable (leaving you to add another 2 to your lunch).

500 grams trim lamb, diced
250 grams button mushrooms
3 baby eggplant

¼ cup olive oil
1 tbsp honey
2 cloves garlic
1 large lemon, juiced
1 tbsp mint, chopped
1 tbsp rosemary, chopped
1 red chilli finely chopped
bamboo skewers soaked for 10 minutes

Combine the olive with the honey, garlic, lemon juice, herbs and chilli. Clean the mushrooms and cut the onion, eggplant and zucchini into cubes approx 2 cm thick.
Pour over the marinade with the lamb and set aside to marinate for at least 30 minutes.

Thread the lamb and vegetables onto pre soaked bamboo skewers, reserving the marinade to baste. Seal the meat under a hot grill or on a hot plate for 5 - 6 minutes turning occasionally. Reduce the heat and cook for a further 3 - 4 minutes for medium and 4 - 5 for well done.

Note: Rosemary stems from the garden can be used instead of wooden skewers. Strip the leaves and soak the stems for 10 minutes as you would bamboo skewers.

Makes 4 servings

Scale recipe to serves

Prep Time: 40 mins
Cooking Time: 10 mins
Ready in: 60 mins

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Nutritional Information - Per Serve
Kj 1322 kj
Calories 316 kcal
Fat 16.5 g
Saturated Fat 3.6 g
Total Carbohydrate 10.7 g
Total Protein 29.7 g
Fibre 4.3 g

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