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Welcome to the future of supplementation: Amazonia's new Raw nutritional range

By: The Food Coach

The modern health marketplace can be confusing for consumers but if we strip it back to basics, what do our bodies really need when it comes to health and vitality? Light, live, whole nutrition with no synthetics, artificial fillers or additives says Dwayne Martens from Amazonia.

Now he and his team are bringing that to everyday people in a convenient form with their new Raw Nutritional range. "The supplement game has changed," says Martens, the dynamic 28 year old CEO of the incredibly successful Amazonia, "Synthetic supplements that dominate the market are now being tainted
with GMOs and foreign substances. Ask any natural-looking person their secret and they'll tell you it's whole organic live food that is the foundation of their health. You do have to ask yourself when
you pop one of those synthetic vitamins, why does it come out of our bodies as fluorescent amber liquid? Surely that's not natural!"

It makes sense. Since the dawn of time humans have always eaten whole foods, herbs, spices and raw foods for nutrition. The Amazonia philosophy is 'why change the foundation on which the human body functions as a whole?' The Amazonia raw range simply provides nutrition in a form the body has always known and needed.

The Raw Nutritional range was developed by nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors and the health fanatic team at Amazonia. Raw, whole supplements are fast becoming popular as a powerful source
of nutrients that our bodies are able to easily assimilate.

The enzymes and phytonutrients remain intact, delivering a high level of nutrition that is bio-available. They also have an alkalising effect on the body, helping to further create balance and vitality. Feedback so far has been excellent. "We have people say they have never had so much energy"enthuses Martens. "This is the norm for the Amazonia crew. It's a natural state to not be in pain and have continual and constant energy all day. We are very excited to be able to help more people feel this too!"

The Raw range includes a multi, energy, greens, pre-probiotic and protein blends, all of which include raw and natural ingredients. They are produced from a wide range of herbs, vegetables, fruits, superfoods, sprouts, seeds, grasses, roots, sea minerals and fermented foods. The products all contain certified organic ingredients and are free from wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, lactose, gluten and GMOs.

The Raw Nutritional range from Amazonia is not just another collection of products to add to already heaving health food store shelves. The recognition of its quality and efficacy is evident with six private hospitals already using it, and many more to come. Amazonia is thrilled to be a leader in this exciting movement back to whole nutrition as the foundation for health and healing. For more on the Amazonia range click here.


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