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Ancient Grains book launch

By: The Food Coach

We know they are good for us, but what do we do with them?

For the first time all the information and inspiration needed to incorporate whole grains into an everyday eating plan is showcased in Ancient Grains.

The book opens with a comprehensive grains directory, which covers the available forms, health benefits, and basic cooking instructions for each grain. The directory has been written by renowned Australian nutritionist and best-selling author Catherine Saxelby.

Packed with over 100 delicious and contemporary recipes, including dishes for vegans, vegetarians, meat-lovers and followers of the gluten-free or Low GI diets, Ancient Grains will overturn the notion that grains can be bland and old-fashioned by revealing that cooking with ancient grains can offer a rich palette of flavourful whole grain meals.
2013 has been named the International Year of Quinoa. As the popularity of this grain continues to grow, the nutritional benefits of a diet that regularly includes whole grain foods is coming into focus. Whole grains are good for us - they are nutrient dense, high in fibre, and a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They provide similar, if not stronger, health benefits than fruit and vegetables.

Consuming whole grains regularly can improve digestion, assist with weight management, and reduce the risk of developing many chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. It is well known that processed foods, such as refined wheat and white rice, lack the nutritional goodness of whole grain food, but people have been confused about what grains to buy, and how to cook and incorporate them into their everyday foods. Ancient Grains demystifies this and will show you how to incorporate grains into familiar recipes in easy and delicious ways.

Ancient grains, Whole-Food Recipes for the Modern Table by
Catherine Saxelby is published by Arbon, rrp $34.99. For more information visit


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