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Hot, crossed and gluten free - the Easter buns for everyone

By: The Food Coach

Tucking into a freshly baked, hot crossed-bun on Easter morning is a much-loved tradition that more than a quarter of a million Australian's are unable to enjoy due to food allergies and intolerance, until now. Food specialist and co-owner of the Gluten Free Grain Free Company, Tania Hubbard is releasing, for the first time, her long anticipated and very popular bread recipe.

Tania said finding a great-tasting and nutritious gluten free bread recipe was like stumbling upon the holy grail, especially for anyone diagnosed with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. "My bread recipe is not only delicious, but it is also packed with simple, nutrient-rich, wholesome ingredients and best of all, it is gluten, grain, yeast and dairy free!" Tania said. "My philosophy is simple is the best, which is why I created a recipe that was versatile and could be easily adapted to create lots of other wonderful products too, including amazing hot crossed buns for Easter," Tania said.

Tania's bread can be baked from scratch, or to make it even easier, can be purchased as a pre-mix from her [email protected] range, which also includes a range of delicious cake mixes. "The bread is truly is amazing. It has a very similar consistency to sourdough and can be eaten fresh like normal bread and doesn't need to be toasted to taste great," Tania said. Tania, who was diagnosed with an intolerance to a protein found in grains several years ago, said her condition turned out to be a blessing in disguise, helping her realise her talent and passion for food, which saw her go on to write and publish her own cookbook, gluten free grain free - food we love.

"I was determined to continue enjoying food that was easy to make, quick in the kitchen and tasted fantastic. There was nothing in the market I loved so I set to developing my own gluten and grain free creations," Tania said. Tania's cookbook, gluten free grain free - food we love, is packed with over 150 pages of mouthwatering recipes including the sought-after bread recipe, information about stocking a gluten and grain free pantry, label reading and much more."My cookbook is about helping people understand and enjoy gluten and grain free living and includes recipes that are dairy free, nut free, vegetarian and made with easy to find ingredients," Tania said. "My food isn't just for Coeliacs and those with gluten and grain intolerances, it's for everyone and anyone that wants to enjoy nutritious and wholesome cooking that tastes great," Tania said.

For a complete list of stockists of gluten free grain free - food we love and the [email protected] range, visit


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