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Featured Video - Chicken - Free Range
I would urge everyone to at least eat free-range chicken only. The taste and texture is superior and the because the birds were allowed to move around freely the meat contains less fat. Free range chickens live as nature intended, with fresh air and sunshine.

Many people often buy only chicken breast when looking to cook poultry, believing that it is significantly lower in energy and fat. The difference in kilojoules however between cuts is relatively minor. Of all the various chicken cuts chicken breast without the skin is lowest in kilojoules, followed closely by skinless chicken wings, skinless drumstick and skinless thigh. Of note is that whole skinless chicken is only 27 kilojoules higher than skinless chicken breast, ...

* This information is sourced by a qualified naturopath. It is non prescriptive and not intended as a cure for the condition. Recommended intake is not provided. It is no substitute for the advice and treatment of a professional practitioner.

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