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Cipollini Onions
Cipollini onions originated in the Reggio Emilia province of Italy, an area also known for Prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano. The small bulbs are traditionally braised in a sweet and sour tomato sauce, consisting of tomatoes, salt, pepper, vinegar, and olive oil. Cipollini onions were once considered a poor man's food in ancient Rome around 1500 BCE, but today the onions have grown in popularity. Cipollini onions are small in size, averaging 3-8 centimeters in diameter, and have petite, saucer-shaped bulbs that are round and slightly flattened. The bulb is covered in a thin, yellow-gold, papery skin that adheres tightly to the flesh. Underneath the skin, the white, almost translucent flesh is firm, juicy, and has many layers of white rings. In their raw state, Cipollini onions have a mild aroma, are crisp, and are semi-sweet with a pungent flavor, but once cooked, they sweeten and soften into a tender, almost melting, texture
Category: Vegetable
In Season: Autumn Winter
To Buy:
Buy from your local greengrocer
To Store:
Store separately, away from potatoes in a cool dry place. The bulbs will keep up to two months when stored in a cool and dry place
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No information available
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