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Black tahini
Black tahini is sesame paste made from black sesame seeds. It contains 70% more calcium than traditional white tahini and more antioxidants. It does have a slightly more bitter flavour and the colour may be offputting for some people. It's excellent used in raw cacao desserts and bliss balls where the colour is dark anyway but in sauces and dips it's appearance may detract the taste.
Black tahini is available from the grocery section of good greengrocers and delis or health food stores. Buy it in jars or tubs and once opened store in the fridge. Always stir before use as the oil floats up to the surface if left for a white.
Category: Cheese
In Season:
To Buy:
Buy from health food stores or good delis and greengrocer's. It's available in jars or in tubs
To Store:
Once opened store in the fridge
Tips & Tricks:
Stir before use.
Cooking Tips:

Nutrition per 100 Grams:

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Carbohydrates, g:
Fibre, g:
Fat (g):
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Low GI < 55:
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Saturated Fat, g :
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