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Beurre Bosc Pear
Beurre Bosc Pears are the ones you see most often in still life paintings. They have an elongated shape and a golden russet colour. This pear is sweet, buttery and juicy.

Like all pears, beurre bosc are better if picked before they are completely ripe. The majority of pears sold today are unripe because ripe pears are often marked and unappealing. Pears ripen from the inside out and you can test whether its ripe by gently pressing the stalk end of the fruit. If it gives to gentle pressure it's good to eat.

Note: The salicylate content of pears drops from moderate to safe/negligible amounts if the fruit is peeled prior to eating.
Category: Cheese
In Season:
To Buy:
As if you were buying fresh flowers, buy them in anticipation of a need. The most ripe for quick use and unripe to eat in few days time. There is a small window between a ripe pear and one that is over-ripe. Look for pears free of blemishes and cuts. Choose pears that are fragrant without any soft spots.
To Store:
Store unripe pears at room temperature until they give to slight pressure. (approx 3 - 8 days) Turn the pears occasionally while ripening. Refrigerate ripened pears and use within three or four days.
Tips & Tricks:
The Beurre Bosc is especially good for desserts and poaching. Mash a poached Beurre Bosc with cauliflower for a delicious healthy alternative to mashed potato.
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