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Avocado - Reed
Reed avocados are round in shape with a medium skin texture with pale flesh. Unlike Hass whose skin turns almost black when ripe, the skin on Hass avocados remains green even when fully ripened. Like tomatoes, avocados are fruits which, like tomatoes you wouldn't use in a fruit salad, but they can be wonderful as an ingredient in silky smooth sweet cakes. Compared to other varieties, the Reed is big with a large seed and tasty flesh. The average fruit weighs between 480 - 700 g.
Avocados are a wonderful source of fat soluble nutrients and contain very healthy fats.
Category: Fruit
In Season: Autumn
To Buy:
Buy ripe to eat on the day, or unripe to eat up to 2 weeks ahead. Check for ripeness by holding the fruit in your hand and applying gentle pressure. It should be slightly pliant.
To Store:
Ripen in a fruit bowl and not in the fridge. Ripe avocados should be stored in the fridge and eaten quickly.
Tips & Tricks:
Ripen avocados quickly by placing in a paper bag with a ripe apple or banana. Once cut the avocado should be sprinkled with lemon to avoid discolouration.
Cooking Tips:
Avocado is much more delicious served cold - either in salsas, on salads, over hot dishes (applied at the end of the preparation) or in dips. A wonderful healthy substitute for butter

Nutrition per 1 Unit:

Weight (grams):
Carbohydrates, g:
Fibre, g:
Fat (g):
Monosaturated Fat , g:
Vitamin C:
Energy (kJ):
Low GI < 55:
Protein (g):
Saturated Fat, g :
Vitamin A:
Very high

Benefits the Following Health Conditions:*

High Blood Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Premature Aging
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