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Dashi is a basic Japanese soup stock made from bonito flakes, water and kombu, and occasionally dried sardines known as niboshi.
Category: Condiment
In Season: all year
To Buy:
Is available in granulated, powdered or concentrated. Be on the lookout for any preservatives or flavour enhancers such as MSG that may have been added. Making your own is preferred. Note: You can lower the amount of amines in dashi by making your own.
To Store:
Store in an airtight container in the pantry, once made up store in the refrigerator. Can also be frozen.
Tips & Tricks:
Make your own by soaking a 4cm piece of dried kombu in 4 cups cold water for about 20 minutes, bring to the boil, add a handful of bonito flakes, take off the heat and let sit for five minutes. Press through a sieve. For more details, see recipe list.
Cooking Tips:

Nutrition per 1 Cup:

Safe/negligible amount
Very High

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