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This Australian native spice comes from only a small number of edible wattles, the others being poisonous. The seeds are roasted to enhance the flavour, then ground, giving them a rich coffee-like aroma and taste.
Category: Spice
In Season:
To Buy:
Buy roasted, ground wattleseeds from Australian native specialists or a reputable spice shop. Whole, unroasted seeds are not usually available, as they are not useful in that condition.
To Store:
Store in an airtight container away from light and it should keep for at least 15 months.
Tips & Tricks:
Add wattleseed to anything with chocolate, to biscuits (cookies), and even to meringue. It also blends well with spices such as coriander seed to impart a pleasant, barbecued flavour to meats, especially full-flavoured seafood such as salmon and tuna.
Cooking Tips:

Nutrition per 1 Cup:

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