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Lemon Myrtle
One of the most useful of the
Australian native herbs and spices, lemon myrtle has a delicious lemongrass-like flavour and aroma of lemon verbena. It is an attractive small tree that grows easily in eastern Australia.
Category: Herb
In Season:
To Buy:
Buy dried lemon myrtle leaves whole or ground from a reputable retailer. To get fresh leaves it would probably be necessary to purchase a tree from a native nursery and put it in your garden.
To Store:
Store whole and ground leaves in airtight containers away from light and heat. Whole leaves will last for up to three years, ground for at least 18 months.
Tips & Tricks:
Use in stir-fries and Asian curries as a lemongrass substitute. Add towards the end of cooking, no more than 10 minutes before serving, as long cooking destroys the delicate lemon notes. Use sparingly, or a camphor-like eucalyptus taste will override the lemon.
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