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White wine vinegar
White Wine Vinegar is the aged, filtered and fermented product of blended white wines. Similar to white wine, it is clear and pale gold. White Wine Vinegar can be used for a number of purposes - its tangy flavour reduces the need for salt in cooking.
Category: Condiment
In Season: all year
To Buy:
Available from supermarkets, good delis and health food stores.
To Store:
Vinegar is an acid and, used as a preservative, its shelf-life is almost indefinite. Colour changes, haze and sediment are not an indication of the product deteriorating. Vinegar can be stored in the cupboard.
Tips & Tricks:
Cooking Tips:
Add to salads and marinades. Brings out the sweetness of strawberries.

Nutrition per 1 Tablespoon:

Very High
Very high

Benefits the Following Health Conditions:*

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