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Coriander Seed
The dried seeds of coriander have a mild, lemony taste that complements both sweet and savoury dishes. Ground seeds are found in sweet mixed spice blends as well as curry powders and North African blends.
Category: Spice
In Season: all year
To Buy:
Buy whole or ground coriander seeds in well-sealed airtight packs.
To Store:
Store in airtight containers away from heat and light. Whole seeds should last for 2 years, and ground spice should be used within 15 months of purchase.
Tips & Tricks:
Use a pepper mill to grind coriander seeds directly over cooked vegetables. Dry roast whole seeds, crack lightly, and sprinkle over steak. Coriander powder is an ingredient in curry mixes, north African and Moroccan blends, and sweet mixed spice blends. Use a little ground coriander to round out sharp or overly pungent flavours in spice mixes.
Cooking Tips:

Nutrition per 100 Grams:


Benefits the Following Health Conditions:*

High Blood Cholesterol
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