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Bush Tomato
These Australian native berries are pale reddish-tan to dark brown and are the size of a plump raisin. In fact, their alternative name of "desert raisin" indicates the fruity, caramel flavour that combines with a slightly tangy acidity.
Category: Spice
In Season:
To Buy:
Buy whole bush tomatoes, or when ground the spice is known as Akudjura. Increasingly available from specialty grocers and spice shops.
To Store:
Store away from light, humidity and heat. Whole bush tomatoes should keep for about 2 years.
Tips & Tricks:
Bush tomato flavours stews, casseroles, chutneys and pasta sauces. Akudjura powder blends well with coriander seed and wattleseed to make a tasty rub for chicken, red meat and fish.
Cooking Tips:

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