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Named for its fetid aroma, asafoetida is made from the resinous sap of the root of a type of large fennel. It has a tasty, garlicky flavour when used in very small quantities in cooking.
Category: Spice
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To Buy:
Buy asafoetida in walnut-sized lumps of resin, or ground to a brownish powder. Ground asafoetida has added wheat starch to facilitate grinding the sticky resin. Yellow powder has had turmeric or yellow colouring added.
To Store:
Store in a well-sealed container away from heat and light. Because of its strong aroma, it may be necessary to enclose one airtight container inside another to prevent the smell pervading your pantry.
Tips & Tricks:
Add asafoetida in very small amounts to any savoury cooking as an aid to digestion and to increase flavour by adding an onion/garlic tastiness.
Cooking Tips:

Nutrition per 1 Cup:

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Benefits the Following Health Conditions:*

High Blood Pressure
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