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Amchur (amchoor) powder
This fine, pale powder is made from dried, sliced, green mangoes. Amchur has a fruity acidity similar to lemon juice and is used mainly as a souring agent in curries.
Category: Spice
In Season:
To Buy:
Mostly available as a powder - creamy white is usually better quality than grey. Dried green mango slices can sometimes be found but are not easy to grind.
To Store:
Store in an airtight container away from heat and light. Ground amchur should last about 15 months from date of purchase.
Tips & Tricks:
As well as adding tang to curries, amchur complements fish and even adds a delicious zing to red meats when rubbed on with a little black pepper prior to cooking.
Cooking Tips:

Nutrition per 1 Cup:

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