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White rice
White rice is milled rice with the outer husk and bran layer removed. It is not as nutritious as brown rice. Dry, it is almost transparent. Cooked it's soft and fluffy. Rice is a staple around the world, in particular Asian countries.
Available as short, long and medium grain. Instant rice is pre-cooked and dehydrated.
Category: Grain
In Season: all year
To Buy:
Available from supermarkets. Avoid instant rice - it's devoid of nutritional goodness, bland in flavour and has a high GI.
To Store:
Store in airtight containers in a cool place for up to three months or longer in the fridge. Store in the fridge in the summer - to protect against weevil infestation.
Tips & Tricks:
Use long grain for side dishes, medium grain for paella and short grain for puddings.
Cooking Tips:
For fluffy rice, rinse the grains thoroughly before adding to water and bringing to the boil. Reduce to simmer and cook for 20 minutes. Drain and pour boiling water over the cooked rice to wash off any extra starch.

Nutrition per 0.5 Cup:

Weight (grams):
Carbohydrates, g:
Protein (g):
Saturated Fat, g :
Energy (kJ):
High GI > 70 :
Fat (g):
Monosaturated Fat , g:
Safe/negligible amount

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