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Beurre Bosc Pears
Beurre Bosc Pears are the ones you see most often in still life paintings. They have an elongated shape and a golden russet colour. This pear is sweet, buttery and juicy.

Note: The salicylate content of pears drops from moderate to safe/negligible amounts if the fruit is peeled prior to eating.
Category: Fruit
In Season: Spring Autumn Winter
To Buy:
As if you were buying fresh flowers, buy them in anticipation of a need. The most ripe for quick use and unripe to eat in few days time. There is a small window between a ripe pear and one that is over-ripe. Look for pears free of blemishes and cuts. Choose pears that are fragrant without any soft spots.
To Store:
Store unripe pears at room temperature until they give to slight pressure. (approx 3 - 8 days) Turn the pears occasionally while ripening. Refrigerate ripened pears and use within three or four days.
Tips & Tricks:
To check for ripeness gently squeeze at the stalk end to feel for some give.
Cooking Tips:
The Beurre Bosc is especially good for desserts and poaching. Mash a poached Beurre Bosc with cauliflower for a delicious healthy alternative to mashed potato.

Nutrition per 1 Unit:

Weight (grams):
Carbohydrates, g:
Fibre, g:
Fat (g):
Vitamin C:
Energy (kJ):
Low GI < 55:
Protein (g):
Saturated Fat, g :

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