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Our seasonal recipe database is complete with healthy recipes for all the family. You'll soon find that healthy food is not only quick and easy to prepare but it's delicious too.

Chicken Sandwiches


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Christmas Mince Pies Christmas Mince Pies
Traditional fruit mince pies made with suet and sugar and eaten each day in the lead up to Christmas are guaranteed to pack on the kilos. Here we use dried fruit, peel with a delicious flax seed pastry for a fresh tasting, lighter pie that still feels like Christmas.

Christmas Cake Christmas Cake
Itís been a challenge of mine to come up with a healthier Christmas cake. No Christmas is complete without one. Here we maintain the traditional brandy but substitute sugar for apple concentrate, butter for a small amount of oil, and use spelt flour for its reduced gluten content.

Christmas Pears Christmas Pears
There are a few steps to this little festive dish but it's worth the effort to have all the different textures and tastes. I rarely cook with alcohol and when I do I prefer wine to brandy. The result is lighter tasting and fresher for our climate. This is my take on a traditional Christmas pudding with flour and brandy.

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