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Let's start by getting our greengrocer to stop wrapping... »
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Hi Bill and Lionel happy New Year to you both - an... »
Lionel on Top Fresh Trends for 2019 :
Hi Judy, Happy new year, I truly thank you for your mar... »

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  Judy Davie - The Food Coach
With so much research available about poor diet and chronic disease no one can dispute that a diet lacking in fresh natural food significantly increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and many other physical ailments. Now scientists have turned their attention to how diet effects our mental health and the proof is mounting: It does !

If you practise yoga, you'll understand the connection of the ...

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By Judy Davie with information from Science Daily
We're only 6 weeks into the new year and already lives have been lost in catastrophic floods, fires and unprecedented heat.
By Judy Davie with information from Science Daily, materials provided by University of Leeds
If you think you're happier on a diet rich in fresh produce you probably are.
Judy Davie - The Food Coach
Today I fear I may ruffle a few feathers because the subject is kid's eating, something I thought was quite topical given that children are heading back to school

Last weekend we hosted a picnic BBQ where a little 3 years old not only devoured my mini spinach pies but went in for second saying it was delicious.


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