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Judy Davie - The Food Coach with information sourced Science Daily
Last week the news was full of stories about lab-grown meat: burgers and steaks grown in a laboratory which even bleed like real meat. Start-up companies around the world are looking at how to feed man's increased appetite for meat and although this man-made meat is super-expensive it's unlikely to be very long before it's affordable to everyone at less cost to the environment.
But while all eyes are on meat, ...

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Judy Davie - The Food Coach
This week I was delighted to attend the Fresh Awards, an annual event run by Sydney Markets.
Judy Davie - The Food Coach
If you like me were glued to the TV this week to watch the 50 year anniversary of mans' landing on the moon, you may have heard Michael Collins, the astronaut who made the trip but didn't walk on the moon, describe earth as "a beautiful oasis, something to be preserved".
Judy Davie - ( information from Science Daily )
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of death in Australia.


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