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helen on Testing turmeric :
Maureen I was buying Tumeric at a health store and was ... »
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I would also love to become involved in any trials re t... »
Maureen on Understanding Type 2 Diabetes :
Excellent explanation of type 2 Diabetes. thanks for sh... »
Maureen ttitt on Testing turmeric :
Can I be sure of authenticity of Turmeric powders when ... »
Louisa on Testing turmeric :
I use turmeric therapeutically as well as for cooking. ... »

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  Judy Davie - The Food Coach
In colour psychology, the colour purple is associated with royalty, wealth, success and wisdom. It's a spiritual colour, a colour for introspection and self-awareness. Certainly in the world of fresh food, purple foods are king.

James Joseph, a neuroscientist at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Centre on Aging, and author of "The Colour Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health" says that if he could only eat one colour a ...

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Judy Davie - The Food Coach
Something we have never written about on The Food Coach is vitamin K and I was interested to read more about this nutrient which many of us will know is associated in the role of blood clotting.
An extract from Understanding Type 2 Diabetes by Professor Merlin Thomas
The following is an extract from the book Understanding Type 2 Diabetes.
Judy Davie - The Food Coach ( first published Sydney Markets)
Per 100 g, parsley, rosemary and basil all have a thwacking amount of it: I'm talking about calcium, the essential mineral necessary for strong bones and teeth which may come a surprise to those of you who think that calcium only comes from dairy foods.


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