Market Fresh Report - Week Ending 13th October

information courtesy of Sue Dodd - Sydney Markets

Broad beans
Spring broad beans are a seasonal favourite. Apart from being a tasty and versatile legume, broad beans are a source of protein, iron and B group vitamins making them especially valuable for those who choose a vegetarian diet
Asian Greens
Nutritious, versatile, thrifty and quick to cook, leafy Asian vegetables continue to grow in popularity. Spring is a fabulous time of the year to enjoy bok choy, gai lum, choy sum, gai choy and pak choy. Steamed or stir-fried they team deliciously with seafood, chicken, pork or beef. Pick up a few bunches this week.
Pale, aromatic bulbs of fennel are delicious eating and fantastic value. linked in
Sweet red-fleshed papaya is delicious eating.
Why not try...
Smooth-fleshed succulent rockmelons are a great thirst-quencher. Itís important to wash the melon rind before cutting into wedges and serving. Serve chilled rockmelon wedges at any time of day.
Seedless watermelon is a choice buy this week.
Bunches of premium quality and ultra-thrifty Victorian grown asparagus is in peak supply. Make the most of the extremely adaptable and super nutritious vegetable.
Love your peas? Then now is the time to make the most of crisp, easy to prepare fresh spring peas. For the tastiest peas choose bright pods that are firm and plump, but not bulging. Add shelled peas to a salad, serve them with spring lamb or toss through pasta.
This yearís bumper Hass avocado harvest means that we are getting quality avocadoes at a great price.
Quality Camerosa and Fortuna strawberries from Western Australia are a tasty buy
Why not try...
Pop ultra-juicy Navel and blood oranges and Honey Murcott mandarins on the shopping list. Citrus is delicious and prices very reasonable.
Golden coloured and round in shape, Jack-o-lanterns or Halloween pumpkins from Western Australiaís Ord River area, Mareeba and Bowen in Queensland are now available. Pumpkin carving for Halloween is becoming increasingly popular and pumpkins sell out fast, so donít miss out, get in early.
Broccoli is a year-round favourite that is a powerhouse of nutrients and a very good source of fibre. This week broccoli is coming from two states. Premium Victorian broccoli , is rich in colour, tight and has a weekís shelf life.
Early season Northern Territory mangoes are top-notch, despite the cooler spring weather. Over the next month, Darwin Growers will be in full production. This yearís mango harvested of Kensington Pride and R2E2 mangoes are plentiful and flavoursome
Super nutritious and brimming with antioxidants fresh blueberries are sweet and plump. Enjoy blueberries as a low kilojoule snack, no preparation required, just rinse in cold water
Bananas make the ideal quick snack, as the carbohydrates found in bananas has a low glycaemic index which means it is absorbed slowly and is extremely filling giving you sustained energy.

Seasonal Recipes - Spring

Grilled Romaine, and Parmesan
This is a simple but rather impressive side dish. Serve it with grilled salmon and knock the socks off your guests.

Pineapple Frangipanni Cake
This dessert does take time to prepare but itís delicious, not too sweet and thereís nothing like it available commercially. You may have to serve it with ice cream (but find a good one) for the diehards who have a sweet tooth, but personally I like it with a sheepís yoghurt and sliced fresh pineapple.

Wholemeal Pancakes
This recipe is an extract from the Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Handbook, and provides a suitable breakfast meal for those with pre-diabetes, or anyone looking for a delicious low GI start to the day. Peter Howard's pancakes are so versatile - sweet or savoury. And for breakfast, you can make the choice. Avocado slices with pepper and cottage cheese makes a suitable lunch with salad on the side.

Warm Mushroom, Walnut & Spinach Salad
This fresh tasting salad is quick to make and highly nutritious. Look for a sheep's milk feta for easier digestion. Recipe Suppied by The Australian Mushroom Growers Association.

Slow roasted goat's shoulder
recipe by Sam Burke from Meat & Livestock Australia I have significantly reduce the amount of salt suggested in the original recipe to 1/4 tsp, particularly if you use a packaged stock. If you so, but a good quality stock such as The Stock Merchant which has a low sodium content. I would serve this with a fresh tabouleh salad to match the Lebanese salad or fattoush. At the time of writing there wer no nutritinla

Chilli Con Pavo
Chilli con pavo is similar to chilli con carne except instead of minced beef you use turkey. Itís a light spicy dish which when served with a cauliflower rice is low in fat and carbohydrate, high in fibre and an extremely good source of protein. Turkey mince is such a healthy choice of protein. Itís extremely low in fat and contains immune-supportive nutrients such as selenium and mineral zinc.

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