Market Fresh Report Week Ending 21st July

Information courtesy of Sue Dodd Sydney markets

Blood oranges
The season is just starting for blood oranges. Juicy navel oranges are also a great buy this week. Whip up a fresh winter fruit salad with sliced navel oranges and kiwifruit, strawberries, fresh dates and mandarin segments. Warm 1/3 cup orange juice with 1-2 tbs honey and drizzle over the fruit salad to serve.
Why not try...
Tangelos have a tangy flavour and a fragrant aroma. Use their juice and flesh in recipes as an alternative to oranges in winter. Team tangelos with baby spinach leaves and walnuts in a salad. A great way to kick start the day, juice tangelos for breakfast! They’re bursting with beneficial vitamin C.
Why not try...
Packed with vitamin C, mandarins are sweet and juicy and a choice buy. There are plenty of varieties to try such as Afourer, Monarch, Ellendale, Hickson and Honey Murcott.
Packham pears are perfect for snacking on and making delicious winter desserts.
Victorian grown broccoli is bursting with natural goodness.
Firm, snow-white heads of tasty cauliflowers are a choice buy this week.
Creamy, delicious Cavendish bananas are packed with nutrients. Banana smoothies are refreshing and provide a great energy boost.
Stew up a bunch of chopped rhubarb, with a kilo of Granny Smith apples and a little coconut sugar. Serve with yoghurt and some chopped nuts.
Kiwi fruit
Kiwifruit is plentiful supply and prices are low. Kiwifruit adds glorious colour to winter fruit salads or scoop out the flesh with a spoon for the perfect snack.
Broccolini is a hybrid vegetable; it's a cross between broccoli and Chinese broccoli. Its stem is as tender as asparagus and is a great alternative with asparagus is out of season
Kids enjoy the naturally sweet flavour of kumara. Add roasted kumara to pizza topping or a risotto. Choose firm, medium-sized kumara with undamaged skin. Store in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place.
Winter is the ideal time to savour the subtle sweet-onion flavour of plump flavoursome leeks. Use leeks as the bases for a tasty home-made vegetable soup such as leek and cauliflower, pumpkin, leek & cannellini bean soup or leek and celeriac
Eating an apple is good for your health and great for your diet. Crunchy apples, now in season included Royal Gala, Kanzi, Jazz, Fuji, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Granny Smith.
Queensland strawberries are plentiful. Varieties include Camerosa, Festival and Ruby gem which are all loaded with flavour and a great source of vitamin C
Creamy Hass avocados are enticing and naturally good for you.
Fennel is top value this week. Try pan-frying slices of baby fennel in oil and garlic until tender. Toss through cooked spaghetti with chopped fennel leaves and toasted pine nuts with grape tomatoes
Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts are a top winter buy and an essential accompaniment to roast chicken.
Versatile carrots are a crisper staple.

Seasonal Recipes - Winter

Wholemeal Pancakes
This recipe is an extract from the Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Handbook, and provides a suitable breakfast meal for those with pre-diabetes, or anyone looking for a delicious low GI start to the day. Peter Howard's pancakes are so versatile - sweet or savoury. And for breakfast, you can make the choice. Avocado slices with pepper and cottage cheese makes a suitable lunch with salad on the side.

Slow roasted chicken and fennel
This is one of the most popular recipes in the winter section of The Greengrocer’s Diet, and a wonderful introduction to fennel if you've never tried it before. n

Vegie spaghetti with pesto chicken
If you've never tried vegetable spaghetti you really should. it's the sort of food kids will love because once cooked, the flesh comes apart like strands of spaghetti. Like most squash, they're quite bland to taste and lend themselves perfectly to flavoursome sauces like pesto.

Chilli Con Pavo
Chilli con pavo is similar to chilli con carne except instead of minced beef you use turkey. It’s a light spicy dish which when served with a cauliflower rice is low in fat and carbohydrate, high in fibre and an extremely good source of protein. Turkey mince is such a healthy choice of protein. It’s extremely low in fat and contains immune-supportive nutrients such as selenium and mineral zinc.

Spinach Pie
This is a real favourite and incredibly easy to make. Don't be put off by the filo pastry. The real trick is allow it to reach room temperature and work fast. I use a pastry brush to brush the sheets lightly with oil.

Asian chicken, noodle and sprout salad
This salad with its combination of textures and flavours is a substantial meal for both lunch and dinner. If you don't have Thai basil you can use coriander instead.

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