Market Fresh Report Week Ending 26th May

Information courtesy of Sue Dodd - Sydney Markets

Select brilliant cauliflowers with compact heads. Caulies are a good source of vitamin C. Add cauliflower to curries or roast until tender and serve is a salad. Cauliflowers are a top buy this week.
Fresh herbs
It is the ideal time to make the most of aromatic fresh herbs. Enjoy sage with fish, pork, duck, cheese, bread, potato, pumpkin, peas, leeks, veal, chicken and mushroom. Thyme is wonderful teamed with chicken, roast vegetables and casseroles and soups, lemons, parsnip, potatoes, zucchini, squash and sausages.
Asian greens
Brimming with fresh produce, stir-fries are the perfect meal for busy people. Toss a medley of Asian leafy greens such as bok choy and choy sum with marinated meat or chicken tonight for a quick and easy meal.
The Cavendish banana is the favourite banana among Australians with more than one billion eaten each year.
Fragrant golden skinned quinces have a musky flavour and there is something quite alluring about the way their pale flesh transforms to a soft pin to rich claret colour on long slow cooking. Discover the charm of quince this week
Versatile lemons are a kitchen essential. Add a dash of lemon juice or a sprinkle of lemon rind to your cooking for a refreshing contrast to the richness of meat or poultry casseroles and soups
Leafy kale is versatile and tasty. Wash leaves; remove the stem and shred finely. Toss into a hot pan and cook until just wilted.
Victorian grown fennel is at its prime. The aniseed flavour is stronger when raw and becomes milder when cooked. Sautee, bake or add to casseroles and soups. Fennel is delicious married with milder cheeses and is a tasty addition to risotto and casseroles.
Use Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apples to make tasty and fast apple desserts like apple & sultana tarts or a delicious apple and golden syrup pudding. Pink Lady and Fuji are both popular eating apples that are in season.
Why not try...
Juicy Imperial mandarins are easy to peel and kids adore this citrus fruit so pack a “mandi” into their lunch box, they are rich in vitamin C
The lush flesh of the kiwifruit offers a delightful tang and a good source of vitamin C. Scoop out the flesh with a spoon for the perfect snack. Green kiwifruit is in plentiful supply and a bargain this week.
Carrots are plentiful and selling at a great price this week.
Versatile mushrooms can be combined with just about anything to produce a tasty, ‘quick & easy’ meal. Firm, mild buttons are excellent in pasta dishes and salads, while full flavoured jumbo flats are scrumptious grilled or barbecued. Keep mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator.
Succulent and juicy pears are plentiful. Serve pears poached or baked or slice semi-ripe pears and toss rockets, toasted walnuts and shaved pecorino cheese
Medjool dates
Delicious fresh Medjool dates have soft sweet flesh with a caramel-like flavour. Eat them fresh for a sweet snack or deseed and chop them and add to cakes and puddings or porridge. Choose plump, shiny, dark brown Medjool dates.
The dynamic colour, tangy nectar and abundant seeds of the pomegranate have made it a symbol of love and plenty, in many cultures. Used in classic rice and couscous dishes of the Middle East, and in ground meat dishes of India and Pakistan pomegranates are in season and available this week.

Seasonal Recipes - Autumn

Wholemeal Pancakes
This recipe is an extract from the Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Handbook, and provides a suitable breakfast meal for those with pre-diabetes, or anyone looking for a delicious low GI start to the day. Peter Howard's pancakes are so versatile - sweet or savoury. And for breakfast, you can make the choice. Avocado slices with pepper and cottage cheese makes a suitable lunch with salad on the side.

Warm Mushroom, Walnut & Spinach Salad
This fresh tasting salad is quick to make and highly nutritious. Look for a sheep's milk feta for easier digestion. Recipe Suppied by The Australian Mushroom Growers Association.

Vegie spaghetti with pesto chicken
If you've never tried vegetable spaghetti you really should. it's the sort of food kids will love because once cooked, the flesh comes apart like strands of spaghetti. Like most squash, they're quite bland to taste and lend themselves perfectly to flavoursome sauces like pesto.

Chinese cauliflower fried rice
This is a pretty scrumptious mid week meal to whip together. The time is in the preparation so try and find some willing workers to help you with the chopping. It's a nice one to teach your kids how to cook!

Easy Roasted Chestnut, Pumpkin and Ricotta Salad
Thanks to Chestnuts Australia for this lovely recipe. With it's rich burnt orange and brown colours, it's Autumn on a plate. Serve it as an entree or as an accompaniment to grilled lamb or fish

Chilli Con Pavo
Chilli con pavo is similar to chilli con carne except instead of minced beef you use turkey. It’s a light spicy dish which when served with a cauliflower rice is low in fat and carbohydrate, high in fibre and an extremely good source of protein. Turkey mince is such a healthy choice of protein. It’s extremely low in fat and contains immune-supportive nutrients such as selenium and mineral zinc.

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